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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Turkey and Tilapia

Turkey Sandwich
I am not amongst those who get tired of turkey. Every year, I have a few turkey sandwiches. This year, I sliced the turkey extra thick and the cheese extra thin along with Miracle Whip on whole wheat bread. Usually, I put spinach on my sandwich, about six leaves thick all over. But, the spinach was down to one bag in the store, a bag that left a lot to be desired. So, I used the salad mix. Spinach on my turkey sandwich is much better.
Delicious with a glass of milk
If I still had dressing and gravy, I would still be in the mood for it, still enjoy it every bit as much as I did the first bite. . 

On to tilapia and bacon

For years, I did not eat bacon because I was avoiding the fat and nitrates. Now, I eat bacon judiciously. Today, as I was browsing internet articles, I was surprised by information about the lesser dangers of bacon as compared to foods we might choose instead of bacon, thinking those substitutes were ultimately better than bacon.

Since the media has convinced us that eating omega-3 is more healthy than Omega-6 and that fish is healthy, I already knew the dangers of farmed fish. I refuse to eat the farmed fish from China, but there are health dangers in farmed fish right here in Alabama and in your state, too. A few months ago, I searched in vain for homegrown, farmed fish. Then, I read how unhealthy farmed fish from anywhere is for us. So, I decided not to eat farmed fish.

Yes, I know that the chicken I eat is far from the best food for me. Read THIS  article to see how you can justify bacon on the basis of Omega 3 and Omega 6 content.

While I am not such a purist that I avoid bacon, I am mindful of what I eat....sometimes. Okay, most of the time. But, as we all know, little slips can sabotage our health.

Another egg, another dream.

Your turn
Are you one of those who tires of turkey dinner after the first meal? Do you have a favorite way to eat leftovers?  Do you eat tilapia or bacon? Were you aware of the elevated Omega 6 level in farm raised tilapia?


  1. I love turkey. Turkey on toast. I never tire of turkey. I've heard about problems with farm-raised fish.


    1. Janie,
      A woman after my own heart.

  2. I looked up tilapia because I wasn't familiar with it. And was amazed at what I found. In Queensland at least it is ' classified as an exotic pest fish and are declared noxious (meaning harmful and unwholesome to the environment).' Apparently it is a threat to some of our native fish.
    And no, I don't eat turkey or bacon. My partner does. And will probably avoid turkey for the rest of the year after this week.

  3. There about 100 species called Tilapia. But, I have no idea which are a threat to other fish or which we eat.

    In my freezer is a turkey, just waiting to be cooked in several months. I love turkey so much that I eat it all year long, just not with dressing and other Thanksgiving and Christmas fare. Thanks for the comment.

  4. Even tho I try to be a vegetarian, Turkey is one of my weaknesses... tho maybe, in truth, it is the stuffing and cranberry sauce that makes it taste so good. But there is no sandwich as good as a "day after" sandwich, as turkey sandwiches are always called at our house.
    A friend introduced me to spreading cranberry sauce on the bread with the turkey. That was fun, too.
    And NO, I do not eat any pork products and have never eaten tilapia, never will. We have aqua farms here on the Shore, too. I have seen first hand what they are like.
    Also, Perdue chickens are raised here, as many as 60,000 in one huge house... from biddy to table in 5 weeks, stuffed with growth hormones, antibiotics and other chemicals. There are a few old folks left who raise their own chickens in a natural environment and will even dress (or undress) them for you. They taste like chicken used to taste.
    So much of the stuff we buy in a grocery store is poison.

    1. Possum,
      I have never put the cranberry sauce on the sandwich. Maybe I will try that next time.

      If I had the room or no neighbors, I would raise chickens and have them slaughtered. I wish I had the money to buy five houses on this block and raise two dozen chickens at a time for my own eating pleasure. Then, I would just settle on eating one chicken a week and eggs from some layers I could keep. I figure chicken portions would be less and less often, but I could live with that. All the stuff fed to chickens grosses me out, but I keep eating poultry because an addiction to meat.

      Thanks for the first-hand information on this.

  5. I do not eat Tilapia or other farmed fish, well except for the very occasional catfish.
    I like all the variations of leftover turkey including sandwiches, turkey hash and turkey soup. I bought an extra turkey to have during the winter (if the winter ever gets here)
    Our favorite turkey sandwich is to make cornbread ( none of that sweet stuff though) seasoned with a tad of poultry mix and minced onions and cook it on a griddle like a pancake. Mix some finely minced cranberries with a little Dukes mayo, some lettuce and a smear of pepper jelly. Yum! I might have to make that for supper tonight.

    1. Anne,
      Occasional catfish is about it for me, too. So, you don't get tired of turkey, either. That sounds like a good way to cook cornbread. If you ever cook fried tomatoes, try dipping them in a little leftover homemade cornbread mix. I have never tried them, but people for whom I cook, say they are delicious. I will try your method of cooking cornbread on a griddle.

      I have just enough turkey breast for two meals or one, depending how much I decide to eat.

  6. The more I read about how bad farmed fish is and how badly poultry is raised - I don't eat pork or beef or eggs - the more I'm seriously considering becoming a vegetarian.
    This week, however, I'm eating some turkey. First I make a large salad from greens I've grown, then chop up the turkey, squeeze some lemon juice, Meyer lemon from our tree, on it and dust it with either curry powder or garam masala then heat the turkey in the microwave for about 30 seconds and dump it on the salad. Really is good altho it doesn't appeal to my hubby at all!
    By the way, I find your dreams both disturbing and amazing and almost addictive in reading about them. Hope they settle down soon, unless of course they don't bother you.

  7. Bellen,
    I do eat chicken, raise my own eggs, and have never eaten farmed fish. Vegetarian is not me, but I wish I could.

    Your salad sound good. I wish I had a Meyer lemon tree. Of course, it would need to be indoors part of the year.

    The dreams do not disturb me at all, except for one I did not report. It was about my mother and she was being mistreated by my sister, a fact that is true. Most of the others are just weird. They do continue, but I remember so little that there is not much to report. I will try to remember them more often. Thanks for that comment.


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