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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Another Mattress Dream

The second night on the mattress, and the second night of wild dreams. I knew everyone in the dream, which is sort of strange. The dream occurred at my house, which was sometimes this house and sometimes not.

It started off with Charlie being here to do something, not sure what. I have been asking him to come do some things that require more strength, more tools, and more skill than I have. One thing is to put a thing on my basement door, the little metal parts that one flaps over the other to put on a padlock. I still cannot find my drill! Men say, "Oh, that's easy!" ooooh, please come show me. LOL

So, Charlie and I were talking. He was standing in the middle of the floor, like he had just come in or was leaving. Then, my friends, a couple, came to the door. Then, they were sitting. We were having a pleasant conversation. I was wondering when the apology would happen.

background: She read something by Roach, "People who stay up all night researching medical conditions on the internet are called hypochondriacs." Or, something like that. She thinks it is wrong to research on the internet instead of going to the doctor, I suppose. At any rate, she will never walk again. I do know that after her knee replacement, the doctor told her she had an infection in her blood. The closest appointment with the doctor 120 miles away in Birmingham was 10 days away. I beseeched her to catch a plane to Nashville or to Mayo Clinic. She said if the doctor thought it was okay to wait, she would trust him. So, she never walked again and almost died. She was within hours of death. It all started with a knee replacement.

Now for more dream.

So, she was making chit chat and her husband was there, all pleasant. Since no apology was forthcoming, I asked her if she realized how rude she was and if she were ever going to apologize. And, I pointed out I had diagnosed the problem I was having. Well, no doctor disagreed. She got all hoity toity calling me "dearie" in a very condescending tone. I told her it was time for her to leave and she just refused. All this time I was pleasant yet firm. Charlie was somewhere, did not leave.

So, somehow, my king mattress was dragged for some reason off my bed. Then, the condescending friends were not in my dream even though I do not remember them leaving.

Charlie and I were talking when in walks a guy I had dated: one date, movie and dinner; second date, some kissing. Thirteen years later, a movie date and I told him to take me back to my car. We had not yet left the parking lot. So, this visit was a total surprise. He is just about the most pleasant man I have ever met, and the best kisser.

I said, "Oh, Hi B." He just looked at me. Then, I noticed his sweet smile was gone. He was stone-faced. He would not look at or respond to Charlie. I introduced them and explained Charlie was here to do a few minor things, that if I had known he was coming, he could have had my honey-do list. I laughed. He was not amused.

Then, I realized this was D not B. Oh, well. I was half embarrassed for a moment. THEN, I realized why he had been so quiet and why he was so pale. He had been injured and there was no blood along this long "crack' in his skin. He wanted to keep it closed, like he was embarrassed. But, he was begging me with his eyes. This was not at all frightening, just puzzling.

So, I went into the bedroom to put the mattress back. I was shrieking because there were lots of ants on one corner of the mattress. I sprayed it down completely, Charlie dusted all the dead and live ants off and we dragged the mattress back to the bed.

Then, when I went back to the living room, D had a band aid, the half-inch kind on his forehead. It was totally insufficient for the trauma, but he was happy with it. Then, Charlie was gone and I was trying to help D. Then I awoke. If I had thought or was capable, I could have gone into lucid dreaming and continued. But, I had to go to the bathroom.

I wonder if D has had an accident. I will email.

I know it is bizarre, but you know how dreams can be.

Your turn
Can the mattress be causing this sudden remembering of dreams? Do you have bizarre dreams that you can remember in detail.


  1. Occasionally I remember a strange dream in detail. Sometimes I remember the dream right after I wake up, and it's gone from my memory when I get out of bed. I suppose the mattress could be the cause of the dreams. Changes in our lives can cause vivid dreams.


    1. Janie,
      All my life I have dreamed and remembered my dreams. Then, about 20 years ago I had trouble sleeping and decided melatonin was the things to take. I took melatonin and I slept. However, I dreamed and remembered it about twice a year or less. So, this is really strange to take up dreaming once more. If it is the mattress, I get a workout in my sleep.

      I remember my dreams long after I awake.

  2. That is beyond bizarre. Really, really odd. And yes, I would email D.

    1. EC,
      Yes, but not disturbing as someone mentioned. He has not answered my email. I will call him if he has not answered by Monday.

  3. You better go back to sleeping on the floor!

    1. tana50,
      lol isn't that the truth! I do love my mattress. I don't even mind the dreams so much, but they wear me out. Or, at least I perceive they do.

  4. I have that type of that dream each and every night . Actually they come more towards morning. They are very involved and husbands and houses morph into each other at every turn. I remember them for an hour or two after waking but after that they are usually gone. I only remember having 3 bad dreams in my 64 years.
    #1 Those color changing horses from the Wizard of Oz were licking me on my tummy (I was 4 or 5 )
    #2 happened around 1977 or so ... I dreamed that there were alligators in the reflecting pool at San Diego's Balboa park. Those monsters had swallowed my sister! I knew they had because I could see her "earth shoes" (You have to be of a certain age to remember these) protruding from the mouth of the beast. I stood on it's tail and used a push broom to squeeze her out of it's mouth!
    #3 Probably came in 1977 or 78 The worst one ..... A bad guy entered our sunday school and killed a lot of the children. Even now I can hardly stand to think of this one!

    I have vivid dreams all the time but not bad dreams. Mine are like yours in that they are confusing and fragmented and almost always have something that is currently going on in my life.

    I try to always be positive and perhaps that has something to do with my dream state. That being said I must admit that many mornings I awake and am still tired. I also often awake with a headache but that passes quickly.

    1. Janet,
      Mine were not disturbing as someone commented, just confusing. But, everything is so clear when it is happening. Well, most of the time. Those three bad dreams were doozies.

      I do remember earth shoes.

      Thanks for sharing that.


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