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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Another Dream, Another Egg, Short Post

I had a restless night in my dreams. However, that was the dream. There were so many places I had to go and worried about being late. But, I slept like a log. It was a peripatetic dream.

Maggie May has given me another egg, making five out of six days. Okay, I am just so thrilled to have eggs after over three months without.

Now, I have to go cook a hen and turkey breast, wash dishes in the sink, and cook the rest of the meal for tomorrow.

But, I have a post about snow for today that I will post in a few hours.


  1. Maggie May is turning into a production machine. Yay for fresh eggs.
    Sleep? I would kill for it.

  2. Hi Linda,
    I'm just dropping by to wish you a wonderful Christmas

  3. Just popped in to wish you a wonderful Christmas. Hope you enjoy the holiday!

    1. LL Cool Joe,
      Thank you. I hope you had/have a Merry Christmas and Boxing Day.


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