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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bobbsey Twins, Water, Egg, Dream, WWII Vet

Bobbsey Twins

As I struggled to get down the steps to the basement and back up, I was going like a baby, both feet on a step before I proceeded to the next. As I stepped, I made a noise that was just a thud with my flat-footed gait. As I went back up, the sound changed slightly. It reminded me of reading a Bobbsey Twins book where one of the little girls had knocked on the door of a person. The person said she was upstairs doing something, so that was why it took so long. As the twin left and for a while afterwards, she felt something was wrong, but could not pin down the problem. Finally, days later, she figured it out. The person said she was coming down the stairs, but the sound was of a person ascending. She realized the person was in the basement, and she wondered what the person was trying to hide. That clue helped solve the mystery. (Maybe that was Nancy Drew.)

I know I figured things out early and surprised my mother because the adults were all wrong sometimes. But, The Bobbsey Twin and the stairs was an early start to my listening for clues.

Water leak
I went to the basement because through the open door, I could see a huge water mark on the concrete. It turns out this is dripping through the floor, not around the water connections of the washing machine. So, there goes a $90 service call, at least.

When I came back from feeding the hens and freeing them for the day, I had an egg in my hand as I descended the steps to the basement. Living dangerously, I did not put the egg down, I just tried not to fall. Of course, putting down the egg would have been wise. So, Maggie May has laid her third egg in four days. This one was hidden in the pinestraw, so I wonder if I missed one.

Her eggs are still small. This hulk of a hen better step up her game and give me some jumbo

The third night on the mattress and a third dream occurred. For some reason I was helping out with elderly parents of a female friend. The parents wanted to go see their daughter at work, something like a Huddle House or Denny's. At any rate, I kept telling them she was not working today, that she was at her main job. But, nothing would do.

Thinking they just wanted to see the building and say to each other, "See, there is where she works," I gave in. As we were at the corner where she worked, stopped on a six lane divided highway, I said, "Well, there is the Huddle House." They both bolted from the car and ran across three lanes to my left, and then they had to cross a two-lane road. I decided I could never catch them on foot when I realized they jumped out, so I waited impatiently on the light.

I heard them yelling as they got to the door. Someone yelled that their daughter was not working. Of course, they insisted that this was where she worked, not understanding that the person was not saying she did not work there, just that she was not there at the time. I got out of the car and waved to them with both hands, telling them I was coming in the car, to just stay right there. 

They misunderstood that and started running, more spryly than old folks should. So, I put up both hands and tried to wave them back. They thought I was motioning them to come. They continued hurrying with both hands waving toward me as traffic moved. This was the time for a decision.

After I decided that an abandoned car on this wide road was less of a problem than two elderly people dead, I abandoned the car. Someone else joined in the fray, trying to motion with upstretched arms for them to go back. Well, soon we all looked like hostages running with our arms up to signal we had no weapons.

My nerves were frazzled. ALL traffic was stopping on all six lanes as people realized there was a problem, like stopping for an ambulance. While it appeared we would not see them struck by a car, it now was evident that we were going to have to round them up. They were avoiding people and running willy-nilly around the intersection with an occasional foray into the lanes of stopped traffic, looking for me.

Do NOT USE this or repeat it in any way as this is going to be part of a book I am writing.

Yes, tana50, I may just go back to the floor. Just kidding as I love having a bed again.

Make sure to read about my experience with the WWII vet below.

Your turn
Did you ever read the Bobbsey Twins books? How long does it take your hens to reach their full egg size potential after they start laying? Do you think I can dream a book.


  1. I hope Maggie May continues to lay - and builds on her promising start.
    If anyone can dream a book, it will be you.

    1. EC,
      Since daylight will be longer starting today, she won't have no sunlight as an excuse. She started laying on one of the shortest days of the year.

      I am going to try to at least dream episodes like last like the one in this post.

  2. I read the Bobbsey Twins and Honey Bunch and Norman. But my favorites were the Happy Hollisters. After that I loved Nancy Drew.

    1. Jane,
      Only the Bobbsey Twins and Nancy Drew for me. I wonder now if that happened in Nancy Drew. Hmmmm?

  3. I read many Bobbsey Twins books. Also Nancy Drew and Sue Barton and Cherry Ames.


    1. Janie,
      Sue Barton and Cherry Ames must be newer books written when I was a bit older. Thanks.


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