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Friday, December 12, 2014

Christmas Grump

two of each
I awoke this morning feeling rested. Today was the day I was going to go to the PO, get boxes and mail things. As I neared the PO, I noticed something was occurring at the Civic Center. Cars were filling the huge parking lot and people had parked as far away as three streets over. So, I circled, passing the PO and pulled into the Civic Center. The tornado in 2011 took down the big sign out front were the events were posted. Since we got a smaller sign, they left off this nice feature to inform of us the upcoming or current events.

Not to be denied this knowledge, I had pulled into the front to find out what was going on. As usual, there was someone out smoking a cigarette. The guy was a city councilman dressed in an apron. He said the Senior Citizen Christmas lunch was occurring as we spoke, and yes, I had time to go home and get dressed. In 25 minutes I was back, ready to eat. Speaking to that guy was the last pleasant moment I had.

Since there were probably 500 people and six handicapped spaces, I just wanted to part without walking a block or three to get in the door. Arriving inside, I noted the table set up for whatever was not manned. So, I went in. As I went in, I saw there were lots of empty places at the tables straight ahead. So, I made my way there, only to have a very large woman walking in the opposite direction almost knock me over. Seriously. If it had not been for two of the servers standing right next to me, I would have fallen. My back and knees were in excruciating pain.

I really appreciated them grabbing me, but they would not let go. I objected loudly and told them to get their hands off me. They would not listen to I am okay; let me go since I have my balance; thanks, but I am okay now; you are hurting my back; quit pulling on me.

Both women objected, saying they did not intend to hurt me. They said they were trying to keep me steady. A third woman had a lunch for me. She told me I could not sit there because that was for handicapped folk. I have a 100% disability! I AM sitting here.

I was trying to move a chair and they were talking to me like I was a little child and trying to push me to the chair, telling me to quit moving it and don't move the placemat. Eat where the chair and placemat were placed. Sheesh. There were two sets of table legs I would have to straddle, and I was supposed to sit/eat on the crack between two tables.

The places for the handicapped had no chair, so people in wheelchairs could sit there. All the people I saw in wheelchairs were crammed into the aisles. They had a friend or spouse who was not allowed to sit with the handicapped person...sigh.

Before I could catch my breath, the women were hovering, asking me if I wanted milk. No, but I would like some water. We have no water! No water at all? NO. If I con't have something to drink, I will choke and throw up. "I will get her water in a cup. Will that be okay?" Great! She brought it back and said she would come and refill it. I never saw her again, but I tried.

There was a man who was quite amiable and very handsome in a Teddy Bear way. Then, I found out he was a minister....gah, just shoot me now! He sat across from me and down one seat. Two other women sat across from me and one down. When I wanted water again, I kept mistaking who was and was not a server. One of the two women said to me very haughtily, "Those people are guests, just like you, and they are NOT going to get YOU water. I felt foolish although I had figured out these people were not servers. But, the woman could have been a little kinder.

Finally, I got up and bought water in a bottle.

A woman came by, a server, or someone who was not a guest, telling us to get two of the extra fruit packs that had the Christmas tree cookie on it. We all said "thank you" and sat with our double fruit pack, two tree cookies, and I took my milk. I was talking to the guy, trying to eke out a bit of pleasantness from the event.

Then, some woman with some power came and scolded me harshly about getting two fruit packs and two cookies. I told her someone told us to take two. The woman said no, to only take one. Her voice got even meaner. We did not obey her which seemed to really annoy her. The two other women tried to speak up, too, but the woman just laid down the law and left. We all kept what we had. Never saw her again!

The meal was cooler than room temperature--thin slice of turkey from turkey roll, dressing muffin cooked a cupcake pan, slimy canned gravy, a tiny tub of butter, tiny tub of cranberry sauce, a roll, green beans with water chestnuts. There was less cranberry sauce in the little tub than I usually take in one bite. I would say the cranberry tub had less than two teaspoons of cranberry sauce. This is not a complaint, just an observation.

It was hard, but I made it to my car, walking down slope this time.

I was manhandled, shoved, talked down to, almost physically coerced into submission, and finally escaped. I finally made it to my car, walking down-slope this time.

Today was a beautiful, blue-sky day. I sure hope the Christmas Grump leaves me alone for the next two weeks.

With four apples and four orange, plus my bananas and $99 pineapple, I have a full week of three fruits each day for the next week. Win!

The man said wistfully, "Well, I suppose this was worth the
$1 I paid. I had no idea there was a charge. But, at this point I never got the promised ticket for door prizes, and most of the prizes were gone, so I just did not worry about the fact I did not pay.

Your turn
Have things been conspiring against your normally happy self?  Or even against your pleasant self?


  1. Sigh. Yes. Everything yesterday went pear-shaped and I am still reeling from it. And might have lost a long-standing (over thirty years) friend.

    1. EC,
      I am sorry you had a day like that, too. I willingly lost a friend of 30+ years because she kept saying insulting things to I am a hypochondriac and find my "conditions" on the internet. When I told her that was an insult and she should apologize and knock it off, she laughed and said it was true.

  2. You said you were well rested...did you get your mattress?
    Sorry your day went wrong.
    Patti from ca

    1. Patti,
      No, I finally just was so exhausted that I passed out for eight hours. Did you notice the blanket that I sat the very clean fruit and stuff on? It was so annoying.

    2. Oh, I am sorry.
      Our big lots has mattresses on sale starting at $100. I saw it in their online ad. I don't know if they would work for you or if you could get one home, but I could send you $100 to buy one of those if it would work for you.
      Let me know. Patti from ca


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