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Thursday, December 25, 2014

The Real Santa

Christmas Lunch

Before the Santa story, this. I love turkey and chicken and eat chicken almost every day. This was lunch. Bagged greens with Roma tomatoes. There are more pieces of tomato under the chicken. I take the turkey and put in a very small bowl, shredded or chopped. Then, I put a small amount of oil-based dressing on the turkey and coat thoroughly BEFORE putting the turkey on the greens.. This way, I use less dressing and get enough dressing to make me happy.

Years ago when my sister was about twenty-five, she told me this story. Her friend, let's call her Dee, asked her mother if Santa was real. Dee was about eight and had heard things from her friends about Santa. Her mother told her not to tell any of the other kids at school, but her father was Santa. So, Dee kept her secret and told no one.

When Dee was a teen (17), she discovered that her father did not really fly around the world delivering toys every Christmas Eve.  All this time, she had thought there was a real Santa, her father. Of course, this was not what her mother meant.

So, have a merry-what's-left-of-Christmas. That story still makes me laugh. Dee was a child who wanted to believe.

I was crushed when I was eight and found out there was no Santa?

I will delete any comment that about the "reason for the season" or thinks it is wrong to pretend there is a Santa and tell that lie to I am conflicted about pretend.

Your turn
So, do you have any stories about finding out Santa was not real? Your story? Anyone's story?


  1. It was my sister's job to keep me behind the bedroom door while Santa brought in the presents. I heard a crash, and thought Santa had dropped something.....until I heard my big mouth mom yell "Dan! Can't you be QUIET! She's supposed to think it's Santa."

    1. lotta joy,
      That is so funny. What a good laugh you gave me.

  2. My brothers are all older than I am. I can't remember believing - they made it their business to 'set me straight'.

    1. EC,
      Now, that is just sad and Most older kids want at least one little believer to keep all the presents flowing. We sure did. At least you never had the heartbreak I did. Thanks.


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