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Monday, December 29, 2014

Dehydrated Celery and Dead Cella; Dream and Egg

1/3 cup dehydrated celery

Because there appeared to be so little dehydrated celery, I actually got a 1/3 measuring scoop to accurately measure the product. The scoop was not really very full to overflowing. I actually could have added more celery without piling celery up in the scoop. Amazing!

compare diced, dehydrated celery to a penny

I don't have a picture of the head of celery that I dehydrated, but I have the results. However, the resulting amount is shocking. I think I had three cups of diced celery when I started. After dehydrating, the result was 1/3 cup dehydrated celery.
Of course, I or you must remember this is ONE HEAD, about ten RIBS  of celery reduced to 1/3 cup dried celery. I paid $0.69 for the celery on sale. This will come in handy. However, I am hoping that this next week will bring more sales for more dehydrating.
I cannot bear to eat raw celery unless it is chopped in tuna, potato or chicken salad. I just cannot stand the flavor or crunch of celery if eaten alone. However, when I finished the second picture, I was not going to put those four pieces back into the jar. So, I popped them into my mouth, expecting to gag. Surprisingly, I like the little celery rocks.
One last thing: never eat the celery leaves unless you grew celery without pesticides. The leaves are where the pesticides or harmful substances are stored.  I really hate to waste the leaves, but for my health, I will.
I killed this box of Cella Chocolate Covered Cherries in about 22 hours.
Let me show you how I eat these.
How to eat a Cella
1) pick up and unwrap a Cella Chocolate Covered Cherry
2) lean forward
3) bite the top out and make sure you get the cherry
4) chew the cherry and chocolate top
5) then, bend/lean forward again
6) pop the bottom into your mouth
Sometimes, I do not lean forward enough to bite the top out and not spill the syrup. Sometimes, I don't lean my head forward in order not to spill the rest of the syrup. Try not to do that. It is very sticky.
If you notice there is none of the white, sickeningly sweet white goo, that absence is why I love these so. Usually, if I absolutely want a chocolate covered cherry and I have one with the white goo, I use a knife, fork, and plate to perform the operation to remove the white goo. ....and people are staring in disbelief.
My dream last night revolved around my trying to get someone to carry very large frozen hens to put into the freezer and into the refrigerator. This came after a discussion last night with a WM employee about how her shoulder hurt when she moved her arm. She agreed that people just don't understand the problem it causes. She has what sounds like a torn rotator cuff. In my dream I was having to convince someone that I really needed help. My dream was frustrating.
One very warm egg waited for me today.
Your turn
Do you ever dehydrate celery? Was it shocking when you first dehydrated celery and it almost disappeared? Who likes that sickening white stuff in chocolate covered cherries? Do you ever eat Cella? 


  1. R.I.P. box of Cella cherries. lolz
    I just wish they enrobed them in DARK chocolate too since I prefer that over the milk chocolate.

    1. slugmama,
      Actually, the do make dark chocolate covered cherries. I have had them. Check here:

  2. When you encounter the white sweet stuff in chocolate covered cherries it means they haven't ripened. To make the cherries the cherry is coated with the white sweet stuff, then dipped in chocolate then packaged. I don't know how long it takes for the solid white to liquify. Also, I didn't know there was any other way to eat a chocolate covered cherry, unless you suck the liquid out of the bottom and then eat the rest of the chocolate :) Have a Happy New Year!!

  3. Ahhh, chocolate covered cherries with the liquid inside one of life's lovelies. I will admit to just popping the whole thing in and eating. Probably not the best solution, ha.

    We dehydrated mushrooms recently (post coming on that) and they went to nothing as well. Amazing how much liquid is in fruits and veggies huh?

    1. 1st Man,
      I just don't really like the cherry, so I get rid of it first and have the lovely juice and chocolate as the last bite. I have put the whole thing in my mouth, but then it is hard to chew and keep the juice in.

      I've never dehydrated mushrooms, so that will be interesting. The first time I dehydrated anything, I was astounded at the liquid gone and the diminished size.

  4. I don't think we have Cella cherries least I have never noticed them. Are each of the candies wrapped individually? Are they only available at the holidays?

    1. Janet,
      Some boxes have unwrapped chocolates, I think. Usually, they are only around at Christmas and probably only in drugstores. I hope you can find some.

  5. Do you ever regrow your celery? No pesticides in the leaves that way. its very easy and fun to do.

  6. April,
    Yes, I have done that but not in a while and not in large quantities. Thanks for the comment.


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