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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Few Things

Crazy people in traffic
Today, I thought that Christmas Cheer was going to kill me. At a three-way stop, the woman on the left arrived seconds before me. After I arrived at the stop sign, I waited while the woman on the left cleared the intersection. A full thirty-seconds later after I stopped,  a woman on the right arrived. I waited while the person on the left cleared the intersection then started into the intersection while the woman on the right darted forward, a jackrabbit start, and almost hit me. This was five blocks from my house.

Then, I traveled another four blocks and was sitting at a light in a left-hand lane, waiting to make a turn. Soon, I could see a pickup truck with a screaming horn almost hit me in the rear as he barely missed me as he came up behind me. He swerved into the right-hand lane still holding down the horn.

I had the urge to go home. I was absolutely in the right both times. But, that would have made no difference if I or my car were injured.

Egg count
Maggie May gave me another egg today. That makes four out of five days I got an egg. We are on a roll!

I dreamed but it slipped away as I awoke.

The owner of the plumbing company informed me he is a plumber, contrary to what someone said. And, it will cost me $150 labor to replace my kitchen faucet that worked fine before my water troubles.  AND, I have a water leak under the sink! That is a separate charge for me. Will this never end?

The plumber who put in the pieces under the sink did not put the glue on the pvc, just stuck it together. I figured this out later when the pieces just came apart. I glued it myself with the proper glue.

Plus, he informed me the under-sink was plumbed wrong. There is something that looks like an S that is not done to code because a double trap is not allowed. Don't ask me what this means.

While I was in the basement, I was pleased to see that the hole in the wall below ground level where the water line enters is not leaking. Since it has been rainy, maybe this was a good test.

Christmas Eve
Today, I bought a turkey breast, Stove Top Stuffing, bananas. I will cook the breast tomorrow evening and let it cook all night in the crockpot, bake sweet potatoes, thaw corn I put up myself, find a can of green beans in the kitchen and boil eggs and make gravy. The boiled eggs will be chopped up in the gravy. A jello salad is in the plans, too. I do not want to be cooking when he comes. Oh, I have Cella for I may get a couple of pumpkin pies baked. Or, maybe apple pie. I think he prefers apple.

We are planning to go to a movie on Christmas Day. Only pg films are showing...bah humbug on that. I had my heart set on American Sniper, but it opens three weeks later.

Exbf has Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off, So this is all for Christmas Eve with plenty of leftovers for Christmas Day.

Your turn
Has the traffic in your town turned ugly this Christmas? Have you ever had a problem snowball, having one thing after another fail or be revealed to you? What are your plans for Christmas or whatever day is the big celebration day for you?


  1. The Christmas traffic has turned ugly here too. We headed off to do some shopping this morning and very nearly had multiple accidents both coming and going. I have to go out tomorrow too - and am going by bus.
    Christmas Day I will do a morning shift on the crisis line. One of the smaller portion's friends has invited himself and will turn up some time on Christmas Day (probably) and stay until Boxing Day (probably). I will cook up a storm tomorrow (Christmas Eve here) and point hungry people to the fridge. If they starve to death they have no-one to blame but themselves.
    Yay for Maggie May.

  2. EC,
    You gave me a shock since tomorrow will not be Christmas Eve here. Whew.

    I have no option to take a bus here since we have no public transportation. Good for you. I have not had this traffic experience before during the holidays. Maybe it was just the wrong time of the day.

    Hopefully, everyone will be able to find food. But, since you are pointing, maybe they will follow your finger to food.

    Merry Christmas.

  3. It's bad in the Seattle metro almost everyday. People can't drive correctly on the side streets, let alone the freeways.

    1. I live in a very small town that is the crossroads of two highways. During the days when the tornado left us with no electricity, people were so polite on the roads. I don't know what hit yesterday.

  4. I am ready to stay in and keep out of my car and off the roads! Luckily, I live on the edge of a semi-industrial area so I can skirt town and traffic by driving truck routes. Less jerky drivers that way!

    1. Alex,
      The first driver and I were practically the only ones on a side street, so skirting traffic did not help. Good for you having an alternate to bad drivers.


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