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Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year Eve--part 2 and New Year Day

deals and goodies

I came home to much peace and quiet on NYE. The people who rent did not try to shoot off illegal fireworks. Plus, I was off the streets, safe from revelers.

While I was at WM on NYE, I bought a few goodies. Aldi's had 4 lbs of Navel oranges for $1.99. I had not seen a decent tangerine this year until now, so I snagged a bag and forgot the price. Aldi had grapefruit for $0.33, so I got one, just to see if it was dried inside before I bought a few--not shown. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts were $1.79 lb at Aldi, so I bought about five pounds--not shown. All the Aldi purchases were price-matched at Walmart just before I fled. The cherries were $4.98/lb., so I just bought 12 cherries. I also got the pineapple for $0.99 each, price-matched at Aldi's price at Walmart.

NYD, I awoke to a dream and an egg. That makes an even dozen that Maggie May has given me in thirteen days.

My I-am-alone-and-it-is-NYE treat is Ruffles and onion soup dip and Coke. I have the ingredients for sausage balls but did not feel like making any. Eggnog is always good with a few leftover chocolates. You know, after you eat so much junk and feel queasy, you really don't mind being alone.

The friend who has invited me to NYE parties for over 20 years at her house did not do so the last two years. Really, since Heidi died, I cannot complain too much. I always drove back 50 miles on New Year's Day to have my cards read. No, I don't believe in that kind of stuff, but it was a fun time with friends who did not believe, either.

The guys never came back, so it was just women. I brought black eyed peas and slaw, someone brought bacon and eggs and cooked there. Another bought rolls and another brought a huge bowl of washed cherries. We finished off my friend's chocolates, all good chocolate.

We all ate as we drifted in and out of the screened in porch that had been made into a room as our cards were read. People ate and ate again if someone showed up late with more food. Wine flowed still, the occasional beer. I had water. Coffee was brewed. All morning long, various people washed dishes.

And, I just erased the rest of the blog...a.r.r.g.h Let me try again.

Around 1 pm people began to drift away. Some found a bed for a nap. Many had spent the night at her house.

Those were the days my friend. We thought they would never end....

Happy New Year
RIP Heidi 2013
Your turn
Do you have a memorable NYE party? Or a memorable series of parties over the years like mine? Have you had a New Year's Day tradition like the card reading? (NO rants or comments about your disbelief in reading cards because I don't believe in it, either.)


  1. Hi Linda...Happy New Year!
    Remember all the hubbub about 2000? We had a party and my favorite son-in-law sneaked down to the basement and flipped the breaker switch at midnight. All the lights went out. We all freaked, it was a prediction come true. Of course I wanted to wring his neck for scaring us. I had one bottle of champagne between 20 of us and little plastic wine glasses. Even the kids got a sip. We traded toasts and had a good time. I think that is the last time I stayed up till midnight!

    1. Carol,
      Oooh, that was mean but still sort of funny 15 yeas later. I would have freaked out, too. But, did not believe it at all. Thanks for sharing that funny story. I am the type who only drinks one sip of champagne at midnight, so that bottle of champagne would work for 20 of me.

  2. New Year's Eve parties were always a bit of a disappointment, so I generally let it come in without me. So far it has always found the way without my assistance...

    1. I have loved the NYE parties I have attended. At the one at my friend's house, we always played Trivial Pursuit with two teams. There were old friends and new people. It was never just about the drinking, thankfully.

      One NYE, one of my prof friends and I went to three parties. They were close together, and one was her adult son's party. I am always designated driver.

  3. I got my palm read several years ago. My first question for the palm reader was "how many kids will I have" when she replied 3 I asked her to look again, and again she said 3. Are you sure, I asked,...she was. I was done....we already had 9 kids!

    1. Michele,
      Good for you! If you paid for this, I hope you got your money back. Thanks for that.

  4. Do you shop at Aldi or was this just price match? For some reason I recall you mentioning you hated Aldi (whereas I LOVE it lol).

    My BF hosts a large party at the house every NYE. Lots of people, snacks, drinking, and visiting. A few people crashed on our couches/spare room. I've never been a party girl, but I'm okay with once/year since it's important to the BF.


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