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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sweet Potatoes, CVS, Toothpaste

$40 pound box for $11
I bought two--80 lbs for $22.
 Regulars readers know my love for sweet potatoes. For the last few years, I have paid $10 for a 40 pound box, making them $0.25/pound. This year, the 40 pound box cost me $11. No big deal. This year, they went up to $0.27 1/2 cents per pound or $0.28/pound. Look at the produce section and see how much these are through the winter in your area.

About five years ago I met a woman in KFC who has since hired me about six times to write her resume, tailoring it for the government job application she has in front of her. I told her about my sweet potato farmer and prices. For three years she has planned to go with me. She finally did and is thrilled with her one box.

two lipsticks I bought last week.
 I know you don
t need to see the color of my lipstick! The story: why I buy lipstick for $10 at CVS instead of $4.97 at Walmart. CVS has this guarantee for makeup. If you get makeup you don't like, CVS will refund your money. When I buy a new lipstick, I buy it at CVS. From then on, I buy that same color at Walmsrt.

This was the first year in ages that I actually bought makeup other than lipstick. Only once about five years ago did I use the return policy. That return was because the lipstick top kept coming off in my little makeup bag. The manager was annoyed, but I stuck to my guns. I turned right around and bought the same thing again. That action made him furious, and he implied that I was using the guarantee wrongly. The next tube of lipstick top stuck tight and never came off.

$0.07--total cost for all three
I had not restocked toothpaste in ages. Remember, I sent it to three children, dil, and four grandchildren. Plus, I will put one in each of the 20 Christmas child boxes I am filling.

Your turn
What deals have you found lately? Do you ever go to the farm and get your produce from a huge storage area rather than the stand out front? Do you ever buy makeup from CVS to have the return policy available to you? Did you know they had this "satisfaction guarantee" at CVS? Do you ever return makeup there?


  1. I love sweet potatoes and had a baked one (and potato) this evening.
    I don't wear make-up these days - and don't miss it.

  2. I am going to bake some of these tonight. Basically, if I use any makeup, it is lipstick. Most of the time, I wear none either.

  3. I wear mascara & eyebrow pencil both by Maybelline. I don't know which mascara, just the one with pink bottom & green top and if they change the color I'm stuck. Buy both from Amazon as it's the cheapest.
    Lipstick used to be a Mabelline "it's your mauve". Bought it at Walmart for the longest time until I had a top that wouldn't stay on. Took it back and returned it no problem and switching it for one that was fine. Now I use a tinted lipbalm with an SPF 15 by TerraTints from Amazon. I usually find them to have the best price and the return policy is 'no questions asked'.

    1. I thought about getting things like that from Amazon when I know the color. I had not used these two colors, so I wanted to get them at CVS first. For a defect, there is never a problem. With CVS a person can say I don't like the color and there is no problem.

      I figured I was the only person with a top that came off since never in my life had I had that problem.

  4. Great finds! I've been using the very last of my stockpile. I ran out of toothpaste and ended up paying way too much for it so I'm am back to running deals again.

  5. Sonya,
    The thought of running out since I need 40 tubes for Christmas made me run this deal.

  6. Great Deals, as usual for you! Today, I went to Target because they had several specials on foods and with a $50 food total you got an additional $10 gift card. While I was shopping I noticed their K Cups for sale. Son3 has a Keurig in his dorm room so I bought him 3 packs for a Christmas present and got an additional $5 gift card. They also had a sale on Special K pastries ( my sister's favorites) and I had 4 coupons. Woo hoo coupons + sale+ $ 5 gift card. The downside is if you are related to me you run the risk of having snacks or drinks as one of your gifts.

    1. Anne,
      I wish I lived closer to Target. Walmart will price match them, so it's not a total loss. You got some good deals. Hey, my kids and grandkids are not surprised to find snacks as a gift. Since I must mail their gifts, I don't trust drinks much. Thanks for the information that lures me to more bargains!

  7. There is no lack of sweet potato at our house; they seem to leap onto the plate at every opportunity.

    1. Ur-spo,
      YUM, they are sooo good and good for you, so I imagine you encourage this jumping onto your plate. Thanks for the comment.


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