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Sunday, November 23, 2014

My Shower

Saturday morning 6:15
It was wonderfully wet. And, it was almost cold. The water felt tepid to my hand, so I knew this was not going to be fun. I shrieked twice and hoped the house full of people did not hear me. This, as you can imagine was a very quick shower and hair washing. Rubbing the water from my dripping body with the thickest towel I own and the last clean one felt so luxurious and restored a bit humanity to me. My friend who arranged this for me even brought me her hair dryer. I was moved. I had brought mine but almost forgot it. My hair was reasonably dry, so I was deliriously happy.

If you think my gushing is a little much, try using a cup full of water on your body every day.

My friend had had to take boards, paint cans and supplies and a ladder from the tub in order for me to take this shower. All they church members were friendly and accommodating.

I asked a guy who was there helping my friend if he would get 4 gallon jugs from my car and fill them for me. There were really 8 empty jugs here, but I did not want to impose on the church too much.

Mystic Mud has been though the same no water experience for long stretches. She may be the only person who knows how good a shower feels.

Your turn
Have you ever been without water and means to take a shower at another place?


  1. Last winter we were without power for several days and I had to take showers at work. We were without power for 10 days one time and had to keep running to my parents' house. And we were without a septic for one winter and had to take showers wherever we could borrow one and do laundry at the Laundromat. It is a pain to be without water. We are on a well, so if we lose power, we lose our water and our septic. No fun.

    1. Jane,
      No, it is not fun at all. At least you had a place to shower. I don't. Plus, I cannot afford to go to the Laundromat!!! That last towel I used and the towel around my hair are the end. I still have panties for a few days. But, I could wash those in the bathroom sink, rinse in vinegar and hang on the line outdoors. Same with socks. I asked exbf for $2 to wash black pants at Laundromat. FOR A WHOLE WINTER? That little detail escaped me. Do you not have a generator to run the water and septic? Maybe that is not possible.

  2. There's nothing like a splash of running water after going days without to improve one's outlook on life. I hope it wasn't too cold for you!

    1. Sue,
      It certainly did improve my outlook on life! It was almost too cold for me. But, the feeling was better than staying unwashed. Last night, I awoke sweaty because it was very warm even without heat on. So, I feel like I am slipping back into yuckiness.

  3. Showers are absolutely blissful. And I well remember the summer we had no water. We were dependent on tank water and if it didn't rain (and it didn't) we had no water. No water to flush with, no water to wash with. Eeeeuw.

  4. EC,
    Eeeuw is right. It smells like an outhouse in the house--disgusting. I can stand not to flush so often, but this is ridiculous.

  5. At one time I had a broken leg and wore a cast from the tip of my toes to my crotch TOTAL bed rest. No showers for almost 5 weeks. It was pretty miserable.

  6. I have been in your shoes and I also had the lovely experience of no hot water heater, in the winter, for two months.

    But when you get it - heaven!


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