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Friday, November 14, 2014

CVS Fiasco

my CVS haul
(just noticed sticky on the lipstick)
Okay, sticky all gone.

I had a $5 coupon from the CVS coupon machine that I needed to use by the 12th. I had to buy $15 worth of cosmetics to use the $5 coupon. Then, I received a gift card for $5 because the employee did not ask me if I wanted a flu shot. Recap: I had to buy $15 worth of cosmetics and had $10 to  pay for the $15 worth. Simple, right?

Not the way they play! I got Physicians Formula mascara for my daughter because that is her most important cosmetic. The CVS ad said "buy one and get one 50% off."  Surprise, surprise! It was 75% off. The woman helping me said that, yes, one was 75% off and the other would be 50% off that. My hands are trembling. My oldest daughter loves mascara.

Ordinarily, the two mascaras would have put me almost at the $15 mark. Now, with this deal, I was nowhere near $15. I looked at the add and found that Revlon lipstick had an Extra Buck deal. If I bought two lipsticks, I got $4 extra bucks.  I had to buy two lipsticks. Actually, I was going to buy lipstick at CVS when it went on sale. So, it is not on sale, but it was a good buy. Now, that put me way over. However, the price I paid was shockingly high. I wandered away muttering. My back was killing me.

I leaned against something until I could think. My original $5 coupon from the coupon machine was not on the receipt. But, the $5 card was applied. Are you with me? It is not over.

I did not get my $4 extra bucks nor did the cashier take off the $5 coupon from the coupon machine. The guy at the back assured me he could do it all, fix everything. No, he could not. And, pharmacy customers were stacking up behind me like cord wood. He took 15 minutes to decide he did not know how, or it did not seem possible to fix my problem. He easily got my $4  Extra buck for the lipsticks. Finally, he asked if he could give me a $5 Extra Buck instead of giving me back cash. I was weak and drained and in pain, so I agreed. He looked beaten, defeated.

It's too cold in here to think about getting out the receipt. BUT, I got two Physician's Formula mascaras and two lipsticks for about $8 and have $9 Extra Bucks.  I will keep this going like slugmama does, maybe. At any rate, I have until 12-12-14 to spend them.

Next time, I don't intend to spend money! I am proud of I think the daughter will use this and like it, even though it is not really an ordinary gift. Yes, she is getting it for Christmas. I don't really know what she wants or needs since she has not spoken to me for over a year. sigh  If I don't send her something, she will start talking to me to tell me how horrible that a mother would not give her child a gift at Christmas, all driven by her father.

One day, about a year ago I asked her what she wanted if I could find a good deal. "Mascara!" It's her favorite cosmetic.

Your turn
Has anyone else gotten any deals at CVS this week? What was it? Or, did you get a great deal at RiteAid or Walgreen's? Okay, just tell me what you got anywhere. Is it a Christmas gift?  Slugmama, are you listening to what I did even though it was not perfect?


  1. Pretty sure that coupon does not apply to clearance merchandise. Its tiny tiny print...Still a great deal!! Heather

    1. Heather,
      I guess I did not look at the tiny tiny print. Yes, two mascaras for less than $5 was great. Thanks.

  2. I don't participate in the CVS/Walgreens deals. I know they can earn you a lot of cheap goodies, but I don't have the patience or interest to learn right now.

    As far as what I bought this week (all being shipped):
    -Photo holiday cards (used $20 off coupon)
    -2 bottles of wine (1 for a Christmas present)
    -Photo prints (for family for Christmas)
    -2 DVD (Christmas)
    -Tshirt (Christmas)
    -Tank (Christmas)

    1. tlc,
      Just read slugmama and learn. I did not do as well as she did, but that is what I aspire to. It looks as though you are moving right along with the gifts.

  3. We'd cut our gifts back to just the 3 grandkids and that was hard since they live 1200 miles away and have everything. Now this year due to my 2 unexpected and expensive surgeries we are giving nothing. To be honest, I really feel relieved that the pressure is off to find something within the budget that the grandkids would like, didn't have, would use and, in one case, the DIL would approve of. Good shopping and may all the best deals be yours!!

    1. My dil and son are extra careful about their kids. They would not let them eat PEZ when they were three and five because they might choke on them. Kids have to learn, but I said nothing, just, "oh." Affording stuff is always my problem. Thankfully, this year I have a plan and am planning on giving less.

  4. I attempt Rite Aid, and use UP Rewards, but not to the extent of Sluggy. Most of my shopping there goes lie this: Combine coupon with Up on rock bottom price item like detergent. Return to roll over Ups to the same item until I hit Up limit. Remember just before they expire that I must use Ups. Spend them on things like school supplies for the kids, Crayola, Hot Wheels, and the like for my gift stash. FYI, as a kid, notepad and crayons were much appreciated Christmas gifts. As a college student, mascara, toothbrushes and the like in stockings or under the tree were paydirt! The fought of expecting a gift from my parents as a married adult???? Galling.
    My kids (I hope) are understanding that a gift is only such if it is given freely. Of course, 2 of the younger 3 still believe in Santa, so the are still not jaded...a stocking stuffed with clearance candy, pens, glue sticks, markers and nail polish (for the girl) still wows. The older kids enjoy keeping this tradition. Also, I take them shopping for Dad and each other, making it clear that the gift must be purchased within THEI means. Doing this (I hope) helps them appreciate gifts they receive. They know the challenge of finding thoughtful gifts for someone within a limited budget.
    I am sorry you have that gift pressure. But, that mascara is a GREAT gift!

    1. The pressure from them is not because I don't want to give a gift. But, there have been times that was not possible, and it was not due to money. I figure she will enjoy the mascara. At least it is something she will use and not something I just bought to buy. I do love giving my children and grandchildren gifts.

  5. Linda - you asked for my email and I don't put it out on the blog for the reasons I stated. But if you want to send me yours in a DO NOT POST comment I'll write you back. Sorry to hear about the plumbing. We had that here this summer and literally had to replace ALL the pipes in this 100 year old house. Fortunately Ii found a "plumber"' who would do it for sandwiches and sleeping with him. Just kidding! My husband is an engineer, and was a godsend during that work which he did on his days off. Look forward to hearing from you.

  6. Brigid,
    Thanks for the help. Hey, I am so desperate I might do it for sandwiches and a roll in the day. JUST KIDDING. I don' roll easily these days. Exbf is an engineer, but he knows how to do exactly nothing, but I don't fault him for that. Needing two hip replacement six years ago leaves him barely able to do anything. When they turn of the water after jiggling them around, I will be able to see if any leaks sprung and necessitate more work. So far, it is only the line in the ground and where it connects to the house.

    Thank you so much.

  7. we don't really give gift-gifts....we give needed stuff - like i bring my mom food stuffs i know she wouldn't get for herself or that aren't at aldi (really the ply store she shops at now that i moved her closer to me - she doesn't drive so thats her best deal store). so, for me, if i was your daughter, i would be tickled with this as a gift. love me some mascara!!!! and my mom and i are always really into a good deal so we tell each other how cheaply we were able to get our gifts for each other.


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