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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halfway Through

part of what I packed
elephant change purse
turquoise change purse
My method
I did not have twenty of all items. I had four of the bears bought for a quarter instead of $9.99. I had four change purses, turquoise and pink. But, there was only one elephant change purse. Okay, there were two, but I kept one for my little grand-daughter. Each child did not get one of each of these. I put in bears then started on change purses and then the elephant as I went down the row filling each box. I had one pair of fuzzy socks and three pair of crew socks that were distributed according to how full the box looked.

In no way am I telling you all I used to fill a box unless I just accidentally have wonderful memory today. Pencils, 150 sheet pack of notebook paper or a composition book, toothbrush, tooth paste, soap, washcloth, two hair ribbons, crayons, stickers--in each box. I had a few mirrors and an assortment of small items that I distributed like I did things in the last paragraph.

Since I did not use the pocketbook I bought for fifty-cents, I put in a box and labeled it for the 10-14 year age. I found one calculator for ten cents, so that went into another box for the same age girl.

eleven boxes even though you cannot see them all
Friday night, I finished folding/assembling eleven boxes for Christmas Child. Since I was up late and awoke early Saturday morning for a shower, I took a nap on Saturday. Okay, I slept five hours. Get over it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening filling those boxes. There are nine more in the car to finish on Sunday and deliver on Monday.

Nothing in these boxes cost more than a quarter except for the pocketbook. Most of the items cost only a dime. Rats, I forgot to buy a package of combs in order to have a comb for each box. I do have a round brush I have never used, so I will get that out. Maybe the boxes will still be at Chic-fil-A when I go to deliver these, and I will add a comb. Since I have mystery shops to perform on Monday, I need to get these delivered early.

Yes, I am guilty of not doing boy boxes, but other than the school supplies and the stickers, I have not found little things for boys like I do for girls. Some people only fill boy boxes because they know most people fill girl boxes. I cannot feel guilty. Considering most of this was free, I suppose I spent less than $1 for each box with the cost spread through the year, mostly the first four months of the year.

UGH! I smell something burning! Hopefully, it is the leaf fire the neighbor's grandchildren burned today. Okay, now I am going out to get the other nine boxes from the car to fold and find some things I did not find today. Fun, fun, fun on a Saturday night. Yes, I am a wild woman.

I accidentally post this, so go below and read the other post that was only up for about an hour before I posted this.

Your turn
Who is filling these boxes this year? Who has filled them before?


  1. I stumbled across the program over 10 years ago when I was in HS. Don't remember how I found it, as I do not attend church. I filled 1 or 2 boxes for many years. I no longer fill them, although I'm not sure why I stopped. I guess I re-directed my charitable givings to programs I am more passionate about, i.e. elderly.

    1. Oh and P.S. How did meeting with the nursing home to discuss helping a resident go?

    2. tlc,
      Ha, I sailed right past the nursing home and did not stop. Since I had so little gas, I did not turn around. I had not been asleep the night before. That is the day I took a five hour nap.

      I need to finish the boxes and do four secret shopper shops this week, so maybe I will go there this week, but more likely after Thanksgiving and when I can afford gas to go back down there.

    3. Makes sense, you have a lot on your plate. If you can't make it there anytime soon, I'm sure you could call. Ask to speak with an activity director (if they have one), or the administrator.

    4. tlc,
      If I had had the gas to turn around, I would have turned around. I was going to do it Saturday since I was there, but there may not have been a full staff, so waiting is probably fine. Calling is my option now so that I don't make a special trip.

  2. They are going to be such a treat for the recipients.
    Well done.
    And naps are blissful.

    1. EC,
      Blissful is the perfect description for a nap!

  3. Our homeschool group filled 15 or so - we do it every year. It's a wonderful charity and you're lovely to participate.

    1. Cherdo,
      I have done something for someone every year. I am working on twenty to turn in. Thank you.

  4. I think that you are so wonderful to be helping others when you are in such need.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Thank you.
      I just feel this need to do something for others. Plus, it is fun to boot.


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