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Saturday, November 8, 2014

I Broke Down

store bought eggs

I have not had an egg since August or the first week of September. Finally, I had had enough. I bought these eggs.
The label on the box has information to entice me to buy these and pretend they are as good as my hens' eggs:
from natural grain fed
free roaming nesting hens
hand gathered
one dozen GRADE A
Large eggs
It all sounds good.


variety of browns
The eggs are all brown, but different shades of brown. Some eggs have speckles or little bumps. I suppose for the appearance of authenticity, the top egg toward the left has poop still on it.
The cost? $3.88...I know I know. But, I have eggs that I am willing to eat. I am very uncomfortable eating eggs from mistreated hens. I know I cannot even take a bite of eggs from tortured hens, hens that have never seen the sky or walked in the grass. Twice, last winter I bought a dozen eggs and could not eat them and threw them out. I have eaten some of these.
Your turn
Do you buy eggs from the store or the farm? What do you pay? Or, do you just eat the eggs in the store with no problem?


  1. i have been buying cage free eggs for quite a while but sometimes someone else buys cage eggs. i still eat them but i would rather not support them in my house at all.
    recently i have been getting organic cage free which come at a premium: I pay9 for a tray of 30 but the very largest free range, organic eggs are $10/ dozen

  2. kylie,
    That's a lot at $10.dozen. I assume those are from a farm, not from a supermarket. Thanks for that information. I feel awful about how hens are treated.

  3. We get eggs from the lady that does our beef and chickens. All her stuff is fed non-GMO grains and free-ranged on grass. Eggs-$1.50 a dozen, beef--$2.50 pound--but that is by the quarter and includes ground beef/steaks/roasts. A quarter beef lasts us a year. Her chickens are outrageously priced at $12 each---BUT--- I've read all about grocery store chickens and would NEVER eat that antibiotic/hormone injected mess. I'll eat less chicken--but GOOD chicken!

    1. Sue,
      Those are good prices! I just bought cheap store chicken. Some day, I will stop and get some expensive and good chicken. I really need to do that.

  4. A chicken tractor is a great way to get around feeding chickens anything expensive or treated. I never understand why feeding less equals more cost.

    1. Cherdo,
      It takes more time to keep moving the tractor or grazing hens than just throwing out feed or putting food in a feeder.

  5. Like Kylie we buy cage-free eggs. Every time. And my partner's sister has 'adopted' several chooks from those rotten battery farms.

    1. EC,
      The market season is ending here. But, I can probably still find a farmer with eggs for sale. Seeing those battery hens is what made me quit buying eggs from the grocery store and get my own hens.

  6. Linda,
    My chickens are laying, but we are only allowed five and there are four people in our family, so we do buy a few eggs.
    I am not as careful as you because the regular stores don't have what I consider the good eggs (like you bought), and I don't get to the other stores often enough.
    I applaud your conscientiousness. I am also really glad you treated yourself!

    1. Patti,
      You must eat lots of eggs. I was just starving for an egg! I think I will buy a dozen each month until mine start laying again. At least I can have scrambled eggs once a week. I scramble three of my hens' eggs which are so much larger than these. I need the protein. I can just feel the lack. Of course, I could eat meat. But, the taste of eggs I was not eating was driving me crazy.

      Like I have said, chickens are the most defenseless of creatures we eat. A cow might kick, but a chicken can do nothing. I have seen the ill cows, beaten down by cruelty emotionally and physically. But, the chickens affect me the most because their lack of ability to retaliate.

  7. I was buying them for $1.50 from my neighbor. A fox stole in though and clipped that deal in the bud.

  8. I never buy or eat eggs, I just don't like them and I can't cook. My daughters sometimes do though.


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