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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Haircut and gofundme total right now

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Today, I had a shot of good feeling. I had my hair cut, finally. I usually wash and dry my hair just before the cut. I do not get it shampooed there. I hate the beauty shop shampoo. Even when I brought my own shampoo, I still hated someone washing my hair. The shampoo chair hurts the back of my neck. Plus, I read that older women are more likely to have a stroke from using the shampoo chair than if they don't. It was something about the carotid artery and stretching the head back. If anyone knows, let me know.

There is just nothing about having my hair cut that is pleasant. If I am near hairspray, I am unhappy. If I smell the shampoo, I get a stuffy head. The gossip just kills me. The rehashing of soap operas makes me want to run away.

Remember, there is more than just one hairspray going, more than one shampooing, more than one gossiper, more than one discussion of soap operas. It is the overload of unpleasantness.

Then, I go home and wash my hair within hours. All the product on it stinks, makes me sneeze and my face breaks out from all the product touching my skin. The style does not suit me at all. So, I wash it out after subjecting myself to torture and paying for the privilege.

So, I get a haircut and leave only paying $15 and a tip if I have it. I usually do. Today, she told me not to pay her because I had enough problems that needed tending. I must have seemed miserable because when I said I was parched from not enough water and was scrounging for change, she went and bought me a Coke.

The hairdresser I go to has a spacious room that she and a guy share. It is secluded with a door that is mostly for show, cannot describe it exactly, maybe sort of like a saloon door from the old West. The side of the shop operators, shampoo chairs along the wall, not crowded, just lots of spraying and washing and talk that makes me crazy. The dozen or so operators are all together in this large room. Now, it is not the talk; it is the subject of the talk.

Even though I have had $540 donated, I will only get 491.67. The balance goes to the site.

$491.76 gofundme
 $45       paypal
$100     a church
$613     total collected or pledged

$2300      needed
-$636.67  actual collected
$1663.33 still needed

It seems like I am going backwards. The total for gofundme is not $540 even though they collected that much. The total for paypal actually did go up! The church decided they could only afford to give me $100 and will pay the plumber directly.

So, that is how it stands. If my figures are off, just tell me. HERE is the last accounting.

Last night, I was hot. Tonight, I am cold. I suppose our days of mid 60s are probably gone for good.

Your turn
Does anyone hate the beauty shop experience as much as I do?


  1. I have been having my hair cut in my kitchen since 1982 or 3. I LOVE the friend who cuts me. Here is how un trendy I am ....I have been getting the exact same cut the entire time!

    On Mon AM I sent a little $$ to the donate button on your page. It looks like it goes to an account of your friend (T) I had been thinking about the go fund me fund and imagined that they would take a cut. It makes sense that they would get a % but when you are trying to scrape a little $ together it has got to be frustrating and irritating.

    1. Okay, I have gotten the same cut for about the same length of time. It works for me, so I keep it.

      That paypal button takes a portion, too! I got a notification of your contribution and thanked you by email.

  2. I go to Great Clips for my haircut - just a cut. Normal cost is $14.99 but usually have a coupon for $8.99 & give a $2 tip. Because of location they tend to have mostly customers over 55. On rare occasions someone gets a shampoo. They do not do haircolor or perms and if they did I wouldn't go - too much unpleasant odor. I've had the same short haircut for decades because it suits me - don't care if it's fashionable or not. Normally the conversations are about the weather, stores opening or closing and now, the return of the snowbirds. I much prefer light conversation and can't stand gossip. Since the visit is about 15-20 min it's OK, much longer and I'd be getting antsy to get out.

    1. My cut is in style--shoulder length of just above, layered and bangs.

      I suppose we like the same atmosphere in our hair salons.

  3. I have very fine hair & more times than I'd like to remember I've had it butchered by stylists who think they know more about my hair than I do.

    I had a great stylist in my college town, but had to switch when I moved an hour away. I did a lot of google searching in my city & found a stylist who had a great rep (featured on the news, multiple reviews). Unfortunately, his prior salon refused to give me his contact info (he left to start his own), but I tracked him down via FB. Ok, seems a little crazy I know, but I didn't wanna risk another botch job. I now see him for a wash/trim/style 4x/year (every 3 months) for $52 w/ tip. I'm sure you think that's a stupid amount of money, but in my situation, it's worth the splurge. *Side note: I set aside $18/month to budget ahead of time. I on the other hand LOVE the experience.. having my hair washed/head rubbed, the conversation (it's just me & him), the soft feel of my hair afterwards, etc.

    1. We spend about the same, so I don't think it is too one salon would not tell me where my present stylist was, but I found her! My hair is fine, too, but I have a tender head. Exbf will not allow me to cut his hair, never would, because he like the feel of the razor shaving his neck.

      I have had my hair butchered so many times even when I go in with a month-old haircut, ask them to follow the pattern of the last haircut and explain what I like. Only once have I cried; only once have I called back screaming. It was ugly.

  4. It takes me a few days to get used to a new haircut. And since I donate my hair it is normally too short for my liking.
    I pray that you get everything funded and fixed soon.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I say it takes my hair a few days to learn what to do. That is nice you donate your hair. It is pretty and curly/wavy if I remember. Thank you.

  5. I hate getting my hair done. I hate making appointments. I like to decide I want my hair cut and be able to get it done right away. Plus, I have naturally very curly hair and most hair stylists don't know how to deal with it. I usually end up leaving looking like a poof ball or else I tell them not to bother styling it and I leave with my hair still wet. Either way I have to go home and redo it or else throw it up in a pony tail. I only get my hair cut once or twice a year because I hate it so much.

    1. M Ripples,
      I would prefer to get my hair cut the minute I want it cut. But, my stylist is so busy, that is impossible. My hair is straight, fine, and getting thinner! It is almost impossible to get it to do anything since I have all products.

  6. I loathe and detest having my hair cut. And insist on a 'wash and wear' style. No product, no blow-drying required.
    Fingers and toes crossed you do find a solution for the water issues. Soon.

    1. EC,
      That is why I like this woman. She cuts my hair so that it's "wash and wear." I do use a curling iron or those little sponge rollers sometimes. I rarely blow it dry, only when I am running late or it's freezing out. Thanks.

  7. I adore visiting my friend Sam, who cares for my golden tresses. We have nice, quiet conversations about books and movies and Christianity. She doesn't put product on my hair. She uses nice shampoo. It feels good when she massages my scalp. I've never heard of women having health problems because of beauty shop chairs. I wish I could give you more money. I wish you could enjoy a visit to the beauty shop.


    1. Janie,
      the few of us who do complain are allergic to whatever is in the shampoo. Even bringing my own shampoo did not bring me joy in the shampoo chair. Really, I want people to leave my scalp I wish someone could help out. But, enjoying the beauty shop has never been high on my wish list. Thanks, though. I might just spend more money if I really liked it.

  8. I have waist length hair for a reason. I detest the salon experience. When I got my first job after college, I had no desire to waste a weekend day in the salon. So, I kept it blunt, and cut my bangs myself. After my first child was born, and I became a SAHM, I had a hard time finding the time to even trim my bangs! 25 years later, I still refuse to go to a salon. I have my husband trim the back. Now that gray is an issue, I color it myself for $6 .99/box. (When not on sale, that is.) It looks great...but again, finding time is tough. So, having deliberately avoideda salon for some 25 (+) years, I daresay I hate it more than you!

  9. My first few days after a haircut are usually my "shock and awe" phase. My hair is super think and course, and straighter than a yardstick. I've fallen into a short, easy to care for 'do because I have to touch up roots often.

    I get a SmartStyle card that lets me get haircuts for $10. I only use one specific stylist. Then I do all coloring at home. My frugal sensibilities are at peace with this plan, ha ha.


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