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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Giveaway I

So, what does it look like?
For the next three weeks, I am going to have two giveaways. I will post one today and another this weekend. I'm afraid both are mostly girly things. Giveaway I will be three of these 30 bracelets to start with. I found these when looking for things for the Christmases boxes. I put one in each of the last 9 boxes which I did not get delivered like I thought I would. I have no ideas where these came from, but they were in a McCrory bag.

reversible vest
24 mths

reverse of vest
see the cute ruffle?

There will be a camera and a battery charger, unless I cannot find There will be one of the nail polishes I won. I found more doll clothes. There is a little 24-month, new, puffy vest in size 24 months that is purple, pink, and silver. Tags are still attached. Sooo cute!  I will post pictures of other things I will give away right here so it will be all together. Maybe there will be things that are not girly. These items are all new and  can be used for Christmas gifts.

If you blog about this post and giveaway  on your blog, you get 5 points. You can enter once a day and must be a follower. Of course, I want a link posted in comments to your posts about Giveaway I. 

To recap: you get one entry per day and  five for blogging about this giveway.  For your five extra entries,  put five comments on here, saying you blogged and include a link to your blog post. This is for the lower 48 states. Deadline is midnight December 6, 2014.

Oh, mycokerewards is giving double points for entering codes from 12-packs of Cokes. You have until midnight Thanksgiving Day.

I never sent out a winner's books and she knows who she is. I found one book. This is a case of my saying to exbf, "Put that on the shelf. Don't leave that in the chair." He must hear "leave that in the chair." At any rate I just found one of the books and will send it.

Enter below in comments on this post only for Giveaway I.


  1. Replies
    1. Elephant's Child,
      Thank you. I don't really think it is that generous, but I appreciate the compliment.

  2. I just want your old water heater to make into a planter, a tool caddy or maybe a skinny swimming pool.

    1. Snowbrush,
      I just hope it survived all this.I don't understand how it did. The water was running into the basement and I could only get a trickle from the water heater. So, it must have drained and probably left the water heater dry!

      The water heater is yours if it is broken. LOL...skinny swimming pool....Now, that is a sight to see in my imagination.

  3. Hi Linda...I thought I did enter. Sorry! And I do agree you are generous to think of others with all you are facing. Consider me entered!

  4. Cherdo and Carol,
    Well, thanks for making me feel better. Seriously, I was getting a complex!

  5. I would like to be entered in your giveaway. I'm a follower.

  6. I am definitely in. I am a follower. Thanks!


  7. Ok enter me too. Is this all I have to do?

  8. the vest would fit my grand daughter so sign me up!

  9. The vest would be a nice gift for my great-niece too. Please enter me in the giveaway

  10. I found your blog through Mystic Mud's blog and subscribed a few days ago and would love to be entered into the giveaway. Thank you!


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