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Friday, November 21, 2014

See The Directions?

folding 20 boxes
Folding Christmas Child boxes

There are 15 more boxes left to fold and hook together or a total of 20. I am taping all them to assure they stay together. This whole thing is so hard. My hands hurt! ugh

I started to ask exbf, but he would take forever and not like doing it. At least, I don't think he would like doing it.  He would take forever because he would squeeze the perforated folds so tight that they would stay really well, unlike my folding. The whole box flops open after I do all the folding before I hook pieces together. I didn't want him to work so hard at something I can do.

The one box on top is not photographed well since more of an angle would show it is a box. This project is my charity work this year.

Elder Charity Project

However, I decided to find one older woman in a nursing home who has no one to visit or give her things. I have shampoo, soap, toothbrush, fuzzy footies, deodorant, Christmas card, hand lotion, razors, gloves, scarf/hat, lipstick/lip gloss, Kleenex. I can get snacks, Christmas candy, something Christmas-y to put on the wall or dresser. I have other things swirling in my head. There are sales at WM. Anything else?

Okay, I have eaten, had a chocolate snack, peed twice, changed the channel several times and cannot think of anything else to waste time since I composed this blog post. So, I suppose I should get back to work, folding boxes and maybe start filling them tonight. They need to be turned in tomorrow.

Shower and Hair Washing
Tomorrow morning at 6:30 am, I can get a shower and wash my hair if I get to a church by 6:30 am. I have to be through before they start something else. It will be so lovely to get wet all over. I am so excited.

Your turn
Do you ever fiddle-faddle around and waste time to avoid a task at hand? What else could I give an elderly person in a nursing home? You see why I celebrate a shower with a note on my blog?


  1. I OFTEN fiddle-faddle (also known as fart-arse) around to postpone a job I really don't want to do.
    Yay for the shower tomorrow.
    And yay for the gift boxes. About the only extra thing I can think of is perhaps a magazine. One that has a crossword puzzle in it.

    1. EC,
      Good idea. Thanks. I will put pen and pencil and paper of some sort, too.

      "Yay for the shower" is right!

  2. Check my blog. I posted details about my Adopt-A-Senior project including what I plan to give her w/ a photo. I'd suggest talking to the nursing home to get specifics on her needs and wants. Clothing sizes, if she needs anything specific in the toiletry department, snacks she likes (specifically if she's diabetic), etc.

    1. Yes, tomorrow I am going there with a list of questions I have already written out.

    2. tlc,
      I did not mean to sound like an ungrateful smarty pants.

  3. You didn't :) And if they allow you to, I suggest sitting/visiting with the person you choose. That seems to be one of the biggest gifts you can give.

    1. tlc,
      LOL...I thought about that, but it slipped my mind. Note to self----.visit with senior! Thanks.

  4. I love to procrastinate but I like to refer to it as finding a new project. LOL.
    You are a good soul to make boxes for others.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      [Finding a new project...] is a great way to assuage your own guilt. I like that!

      I really like doing this. I shop all during the year to get the best price.

  5. I fiddle, I faddle, and I'm not even talking about the delicious sugary popcorn treat.

    Long ago, I worked with the elderly and at Christmas time their favorite thing was home baked treats or chocolate. Lap robes were a big hit - a small quilted or knitted lap covering. Anything that has to be washed has to be markable or they'll never get it back. Worst gift: perfume. They put it on and ten other ladies complain OR the person gets a rash, ha ha.

    You're sweet to remember the elderly at Christmas.


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