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Friday, November 21, 2014

Flood and Mugs

outdoor basement steps

I lost the picture that went with the promised F-bombs. How does that happen? (rhetorical question only) Fortunately, I can take that again.

The picture above was taken of the steps down into my basement. I suppose a cat knocked the purple planter off and I suppose exbf put the plastic bags into the planter. sigh I wonder how much damage was done and how much all that water will cost me.

Look carefully at the picture. The water is the level of the last step. Six inches or so of the door is under water. I you look at the left side of the door, you can see the water line and the door under the water. This door has panels and the last section is under the water. Can you see that?

Before the plumber could even get to the place where the water line was broken and water gushing out, he had to get a pump to remove the water. The pump removed 70 gallons of water every minute. (I think that is what I heard him say to his helper.) Of course, my back yard was very soggy when he was through. Exbf had to put down boards to walk on so he could get to the hens.

grocery display
Can you believe that one of these Mug Cakes is $1.79? And, it does not include a mug! My own version is to take a cheap cake mix, dump some in a cup, add milk, and microwave. 1/3 cup of mix+2Tablspoons of milk sounds about right. If it is hot, chocolate and gooey, I am happy. Then, there are recipes rom scratch. Some contain 12 ingredients and some recipes have only 3 ingredients.

Ooooh, look at this SITE.

Your turn
Can you believe there was six inches of water in the basement? Have you ever made a cake in a cup or mug?


  1. Six inches of water? Sigh. No wonder the back yard was soggy.
    I have never made (or heard of) mug cakes before.

    1. EC,
      It is too bad there was not a garden there that needed water. Mug cakes are very addictive. They are there and easy. Only a cup or mug and a spoon are needed.

  2. I could scream. I cannot open blogs listed on my blog roll! Plus, lots of other things on my computer. I blocked all popups on my computer. Boy, does it run faster, but it sort of useless. Did I cause this by blocking all popups?

  3. I have made both mug cakes and mug chocolate chip cookies. It is deadly for me to know how to do these things!

  4. I can't believe how much water there is.
    I've never tried mug cakes, I will put it on my someday list.

    1. My basement is at least 40'x40'. Mug cakes are addictive once you try them!

  5. Our basement flooded with sewage once, I know how it can be overwhelming.
    I've made mug cakes and love them but I don't think that I could afford to pay that much to buy it in the box.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Notice the water is clean. It is drinking water. The place where the sewage spilled is ground level and well above the floor of the basement and behind a concrete wall. I have no idea why that does not stink.

      Oh, I put that right back because of the cost. I think maybe any price is something I am not willing to pay when it would be practically free if I mixed it myself.

  6. Yikes! Getting flooded is one of the worst things you can deal with as a homeowner. Six inches of water flooding your basement is no joke, and I can just imagine how much the damages cost you. In any case, I hope you found the root cause of that problem and the perfect solution for it. Thanks for sharing that, Linda! All the best to you!

    Gail Wallace @ Emergency Flood Masters


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