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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Shower, Free Food, No Camera

For some reason Kodak EasyShare is not working. So, this post will be picture-free.

On Monday, I had something to do in Huntsville, so I took the opportunity to go to Charlie's house and do laundry. I only did two partial loads. I really wanted to take the two loads of pants and give each load just a vinegar rinse in a half -tub of water. But, he said that was not possible on a front-loader. He said I could not do a rinse only and I could not lower the water level because it only uses a gallon of water. I don't believe that I cannot do a rinse only, but I was too tired to argue. Plus, the controls were below my waist and hard to see.

We went in the back door, which is downstairs. I stopped at the half-bath and he asked me what I was doing.  Going to color my hair down here. He just looked at I knew better than to ask beforehand. He would have lectured me on not ruining his house. I put a load of pants in the machine and colored my hair. I had to wait 25 minutes for the color to take, so when the first load was done, I put the second load in and rinsed my hair. Coordinating it all worked out just right.

Then, upstairs we had an argument. He said if I used the main bath, I had to clean the tub and shower. He thought at first I was going to sit in the tub and tried to make me take a tub bath. He forgot I cannot get out of the tub and also cannot bend to scrub the thing! However, his tub has a leak at the wall at the side. Soooo, he came in his bathroom and lectured me on how to take a shower...ugh. He adjusted the water and adjust the sprayer so it would hit the curtain and not the wall. Yes, I was fully dressed. Even though I had not been in water since Saturday, a week ago, I took a short shower because my back was hurting. 

He said he would know if I got water on the back wall of the shower, the long side of the tub, because it would rain in the garage downstairs. He congratulated me on doing it right because he went back downstairs to check the garage...ugh. I was clean and had freshly colored and washed hair. I felt human. He had to carry the laundry in the house because it was too heavy. Then, he put it in my car. I was not meant to be a gypsy. (Oh, I took my own wash cloth and towels.)

While I was in Huntsville, I got a few freebies:

5 lbs potatoes
8 freshly picked apples
4 lemons
2 limes
3 green tomatoes
4 1-lb packages of roasted peanuts
1 Spring Mix salad
1 package of washed Romaine
1 huge squash
1 gorgeous, huge red pepper
2 onions
pico de gallo hummus

I was exhausted when I got home about 9 pm, hung the gray pants on the clothes line at 2 am, and the black pants inside. Putting away food was exhausting, but bringing in 6 gallons of water was the worst on my back, and shoulders.

More on the no-water situation in next post.

Now, I have lots of dehydrating to do. When exbf comes on Friday, I plan to have lunch and dinner cooked on Thursday, using lots of the food above. When I cook after he gets here, we tend to end up getting a hamburger and his having to stay too late for me to get all done, especially if I am doing something with him, something that requires my presence.

Your turn
What kind of food freebies have you gotten lately?


  1. "got a few freebies" You fortunate girl.

    From Charlie?

    Puzzled about "1 gallon water" use for a load of clothes. Sounds like a real economic friendly machine.

    1. Sissy,
      Thanks. Not from Charlie, just a place to get excess produce from farmers who donate it. The washing machine is a front loader. I hated it.

  2. Our tree is STILL giving us apples. Our potatoes went rogue this year. I have yet to send my sons out to dig them, but there are plenty.
    I have a front loader. I can do a rinse only, but not sure how you would add the vinegar. Yes, it only uses a small amount of water, because it turns the clothes in and out of the water. BUT, you cannot load the machine, (at least mine, and it's a high end model) above the halfway point of the drum, or you won't get good results. So, I feel as if I am doing more loads. I save water, sure, but not sure about energy, either electric or my own energy!
    I hope your water situation is resolved soon.

    1. Meg,
      Having potatoes and apples on the premises is great. Well, I suppose I loaded it You are right about doing more loads and using your energy and energy to run the machine. I am waiting on another plumber as I type. Thanks.

  3. Who is Charlie again? And who gave you all the nice freebies? Looking forward to hearing more about the water situation.

    1. tlc,
      Charlie is a longtime friend in Huntsville...from Jamming with Charlie post. Never a bf. I got the free stuff from a place that shares farmer's excess..

  4. Good job on all of the freebies. I normally can't get things for free around here.
    And going without water is terrible. We had a leak and Den had to shut the water off. MISERABLE!!

    1. Sonya Ann,
      MISERABLE is absolutely correct! I am waiting on plumber, then will make three trips to car to get laundry out there--too heavy--to go to laundramat. .

  5. Argh on the water front. The freebies are lovely, but they don't make up for the water issues.
    And oh, the irony of you working on dehydrating things at the moment...

    1. EC,
      No, nothing makes up for these water issues. LOL, I did not think of the irony of dehydrating things when I am "dehydrated" here. Good one!

  6. My sister came to visit bearing a gift - a big basket of honey crisp apples! Oh, they were so yummy.

  7. I am so glad you got a shower and a hair color. Take care.


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