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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Deals, Steals, Low Prices

Still no pictures.

Two weeks ago, I found half gallon cartons of Minute Maid orange juice for $1.79. I got three. They were right at the best by date. So far, they are fine and I still have one left.

Also, eight ounce Kraft Chunk Cheese was $1.75. I only got one because I did not have much money, AND I thought it would come around at a better price. Consequently, I have eaten much less cheese, a good thing.

Tonight, I went to CVS, looking for the Natrol melatonin and had to order it. As I went to the front, I picked up the 3 Kleenex with $1 off with the coupon from the machine. I noticed a sign on the register that said if the clerk does not ask you about getting a flu shot, you get a $5 gift card. As I went through the door, I remembered the sign and went back in claimed my $5 CVS gift card. Yay me!

The CVS coupon machine spit out a coupon for $5 off $15 worth of different make ups, lipsticks, and nail polish. Sooo, with the $5 gift card, I can get a deal on red nail polish. I know I won a ton of nail polish, but none was a Christmas red. I will look for coupons and maybe get stuff for Christmas gifts, too.

I found a card on the counter as I bought gas, a card for a handyman. He sounds cocky and expensive, but he is coming here are 9 am. The guy I called this afternoon had not called me back...sigh.

For chest congestion I take Mucinex but a generic brand. It appears Walmart has quit carrying it. I don't get Mucinex or generic with anything but guaifenesin. That may be spelled wrong. I need relief from congestion not something for sinus problems or a fever. I like one-ingredient meds. I can take a Tylenol if I have a fever, but why take it if I don't need it?

WM Mucinex is too expensive. Generic 88 cent bottle contains 15 tablets. Exbf went to WM in Birmingham tonight to find the generic. He paid over $8 for 40 tablet Mucinex, not generic. I had told him about the 15 tab for 88 cent bottle just before he left, but he did not remember me telling him that and got the expensive brand name...???  It was nice of him because he knows how I suffer from chest congestion. When I reminded him of the price here, he yelled, "I am taking that back!"

A guy in WM told me he got his generic Mucinex at Dollar General. I stopped there. It was $4 for 20 or 30 tablets, still too much. So, I have two bottles of 15 tabs for $.88. (30 tabs for $1.76)  I take this stuff year round, so I will still search for the best deal since WM no longer carries the large bottle of generic.

Your turn
What deals have you found? Will you drink oj past its best by or sell by date? Do you take Mucinex? Use generic? Have you been to CVS to allow them to forget to ask you about a flu shot? Did you get a $5 gift card?


  1. Some excellent deals there. Good luck with the handyman. Cocky is ok - when it is justifed. When it isn't cocky becomes arrogance and makes me hiss and spit.

    1. Thanks.

      This cocky was leaning towards arrogance and obnoxious. Hiss and spit it correct.

  2. I drink OJ regularly, and I guess I haven't really looked at the date. So long as it smells & tastes fine lol. I don't take Mucinex much at all, but I do buy mostly off-brand OTC medications. I haven't been to CVS lately, but if I do, I'll remember that!

    What's the update on the water front?

  3. If you have insurance and a low or $0 copay you can get an Rx for Mucinex. I buy it at Dollar Tree for $1 a bottle.


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