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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Grocery Deals and How to Wash a Crockpot

4-5.3 oz. Activia yogurts
The 2 gummy things were free in Walmart.
2 half pints whipping cream
$0.75 each
Free Dum Dum at insurance company.
Dum Dum is little round sucker--hard sphere of candy on a stick to lick.
26 pounds of chicken
Boneless, skinless chicken breasts were $2.19 at WM--too high! But, with a price match from a store selling boneless, skinless breast for $1.38, I got a great deal. The original price was $58.36 reduced to 37.56. Okay, there is a Coke in there, but it will just have to stay, not taking it out and redoing the figures. I purchased six packages of chicken breast, but I could only get four in the freezer. So, two are in the refrigerator. Right now, I have a free chicken, whole and frozen, in the crockpot. I will cook the other two packages in the crockpot and freeze them in smaller portions tomorrow or Monday.

Since I have a turkey or two in the freezer, and more chicken, I probably won't buy chicken for six months. Oh, I got two small reduced, very lean steaks at another store for $2 each. I figure The two steaks will make four meals.


I glanced up just in time to see a father kiss his son softly, looking like he adored his child. It did not matter that he kissed him in Walmart and so tenderly. Awww, my heart melted. Later, I saw the guy and commented on his tenderness. I asked him to kiss him again for a picture. He eagerly complied. Now, I will email this picture to the guy. Isn't that sweet?  The child was not pulling back to look at me the first time.
Washing the Crockpot
About a week before the reunion, I cooked chicken in the crockpot. Then, I was feeling awful and trying to get ready to travel. So, the crockpot sat unwashed. When I returned from the reunion on Sunday, I was in the doctor's office on Monday and taking meds. On Tuesday, the water pipe broke and I had no water. That was 13 days ago, plus another ten days before...about 3 weeks sitting unwashed. And, I don't care what you think.
I know the crockpot has been sitting, but that is how things go some days. At least it was not hot weather so the crock did not smell. Today, I got a free hen that would not fit in the freezer and needed the crockpot clean, NOW. I had a brilliant idea. I poured a gallon of the hose water in the crockpot, turned it on and heated water. About two hours later, I returned to find piping hot water, ready to wash the crock. I managed to get the crock into the sink, added a bit of Dawn, and washed it easily.
After the water was turned on for half a day, I did manage to get everything washed in the dishwasher that was in the sink, but there are more things that need to go into the sink because of their size.
When I get the hen out of the crockpot  tomorrow, I will add another gallon of water and wash it again in the same manner. The one thing I have to worry about with this method is to make sure nothing is dribbling down the outside of the crock when I put it back in to cook something. Yes, I have to wrestle the crock, but the crockpot cooking is worth every bit of straining.
It would be so much easier to turn the faucet and get hot water, but this is all I have. I could heat water on the stove, but I would have to carry a pot of water across the room. I could microwave water, but that would take repeated heating of a small amount of water. Heating water in the crockpot may take more energy, but it is safer for me.
Your turn
What deals have you found this week? How much are boneless, skinless chicken breasts where you shop?  If you have a crockpot, do you find that steam condenses and then water droplets get in between the crock and the unit in which it is placed? Then, is it all stained on the metal? 


  1. Loving your ingenuity. And still hoping that your water woes can be solved...

    1. EC,
      Thank you. I am going to talk to them in the morning. Hopefully, I can something going here.

  2. I "cook" dirt of my pots and pans a whole lot! It's a great trick.

  3. Alex,
    I do that for cast iron, but I bet it works with water in any pot or pan. Yes, great trick.

  4. As soon as I empty a pot that will need some scrubbing I put water in it, put on the lid and set it back on the turned-off burner. Seems to melt the crud right off. Sure hope your water problem is fixed this week, it's been way too long.

    1. Bellen,
      I just put water in a pot that needs washing. Maybe I need to add

      Money is the key to water problems...sigh.

  5. Your crock pot idea was inspired and brilliant!

    1. Cherdo,
      Thanks. I was patting myself on the Now, I have empty crockpot that will get the same treatment tonight.


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