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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

My Day Began and Ended With a Thud!

4 12-packs for $12
regular price $17.68

I will tell you the bad news about the Cokes in a little bit.

This morning I heard the alarm go off and ignored it for a bit. No problem. However, when I looked at the clock, it was 10:23, not the 9:00 am I set it to get up. Rats! Now, I was going to miss the last of the Tuesday lunches of the year. And it would probably be good, a Thanksgiving dinner. I jumped up and tripped on my cover, falling headlong three seconds after I got out of bed. There was widespread destruction. I managed to fall on a plastic milk carton where I had stored some books.

Not satisfied with that, I continued my fall and hit my knee on a can. Landing on carpet is bad enough, but landing on the top edge of a can is a thousand times worse. I did some damage.

I was telling exbf about this. He was properly caring and "ouching" for my bodily damage. Then, he said with a voice that showed no sympathy for me, "Well, how is the can?" I thought it was funny, but stayed silent for about 30 seconds. "Well, I am glad you have your priorities straight." (said with mock disdain) Then, I started laughing and he was laughing so loud and long. This man rarely laughs, so I laughed even harder. And, it started hurting again after we quit laughing.

After I went immediately to the bathroom, I turned on my cell phone. NO! it was only 10:15. So, now I have 45 minutes to get ready. I can do this. As I sat at lunch, I could feel my knee swelling. It looks awful and the skin is broken.  #1 thud

My hair is a mess. My hair means a lot to me. The new haircut is way too short, doesn't know what to do, was washed last Saturday and looks awful. I look demented. It would not "fix" this morning." I look demented, promise. This is how my hair will look when I am in the nursing home. #2 thud

THEN, I had a conversation with the plumber, and I may find another plumber. He is annoyed I don't have alllll the money, right now. #3 thud of my heart

When I left the lunch at noon, I got a plate to go. It went right into the refrigerator, immediately. Later on, I opened the refrigerator and the whole lunch fell out as the container landed upside down on it. I almost cried, a whole lunch lost. I had to pick it up with my hands and then had no place to wash my hands. I could not stay bent long enough to really clean up the floor. #4 big thud.

You saw the 4 12-packs at the top? I saw a man in Walmart and asked if he got the price match of 4/$12 since he had 4 in his buggy. He showed me an ad and told me he got them 4/$10 by price-matching.  #5 thud

Since I only washed four pair of pants last week, and two of them were too breezy to wear in public, I had to wash pants again today at the $2 machines. This time, I carried socks and put all of it in a black bag that needed washing.  When I took my pants out of the washer, they dripped like I had just pulled them from a sink of water. ??? By this time, I was just feeling fragile. #6 thud

My fall will necessitate a trip to the doctor. The broken milk carton is destroyed but it was old and free. The can went where it should have been when I was reading the label and put it by my chair. Finally, I figured the clock had the wrong time to begin with after it started beeping and going on and off last night. Tomorrow, I must find some place to wash my hair after I put it in foam rollers tonight. I calmed down and will talk to the plumber tomorrow. In a little while I will go back to Walmart with the receipt and get a better deal on the Cokes. I have to go anyway, so it is not just a trip to save $2. Oh, yeah, the guy gave me the ad. Now, I can look it up online or call the store and figure out how to get one of these ads.

So, today was not altogether bad, but there was not a lot of good. Oh, yeah, the chickens loved their leftovers of turkey and dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, roll, spice cake. They left most of the roll and half the spice cake, but they rarely get much bread or sweets since they don't really like either. Seeing the hens' joy was good.

Now, I know these are not catastrophes in the true sense of the word, but they, nevertheless wore on my nerves.

Your turn
Have you had a day start out bad so early? And, it just kept coming. Did you ever use the Laundromat when the water was not emptied from the machine? Lose your whole dinner from a fall out of the refrigerator? This is a new clock, so I have never had one reset itself like this one. Have you?


  1. Some days are like that. I can remember a day which started badly when I stepped out of bed into freshly deposited cat puke. Which I proceeded to walk into the carpet.
    I cleaned that up and got myself a cup of tea. Which I dropped, breaking my favourite mug and spreading tea all over the kitchen bench tops and floor. Wash the floor. Go to work. An average day at work.
    Came home and started to cook dinner. The olive oil container was empty, so I got the tin out of the cupboard to refill it. And the bottom dropped out of the container and nearly four litres of olive oil flooded the kitchen, seeping under the kitchen cupboards...

    1. EC,
      Horrors! That day made my day look like a cake walk. I would not trade with you at all. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. I'm so sorry. As for the plumber, doesn't he realize if you could pay him you Would? I'm sorry , it's not like you want to be out of water.

    1. Michelle,
      I told him that if I were out to cheat him, I would have done so the first day. Actually, the plumber is very nice. The partner who put up the money for the company is the one who is concerned.

  3. I think we've all had days start out bad. Just last week right before heading out the door for work, I noticed my puppy covered in puke in her crate. So I had to change out of my work clothes & give her a bath/brush. I think that was also the same day as my door ding & verbal bashing.

    1. tlc,
      This is one of the reasons I don't have an animal in the house besides my allergies. I don't do puke. There are days!

  4. I'm sorry you had a bad start, but there's always room for improvement! And I hope that is exactly what happens. Have the best Thanksgiving you can have, Linda!

    1. Cherdo,
      I really don't think I could have prevented much of that or improved. Thanks.

  5. If the fall wasn't enough to ruin my day, I definitely would have had a melt-down by the time dinner spilled. :-( xo

    1. Sue,
      The fall is still with me. I did some damage to my knee. The one that hit the can is just not right....hurts, and does not move right. Yep, and no dinner. The hens got it the next day for breakfast. Well, I am off the thaw the hotdogs! Thanks for understanding so well.

  6. I once had a laundromat problem. One year we took almost 6 weeks to camp our way across the US.This particular Sunday we were traveling through Tennessee. I remember that it was a Sunday because we took a motel room so that John could watch football. While he enjoyed his game I took about 2 weeks of laundry to be washed.......It all went well until it was time to put things into the dryers and one machine would not open! Darn front loaders! Of course it was my load of bras and panties. Fortunately there was a quasi attendant there and after insisting and insisting and insisting that he solve the problem he called someone in who knew a trick to open the machine.

    Another thing I remember from that laundromat was a big coarse family came in to run a few loads. This entire family were not the sharpest knives in the drawer. The man (probably in his 20's) Was complaining to me about why companies didn't make laundry baskets that you could get your clothing back into after they had been folded. I pointed out that if he folded items a little differently he would be able to fill the basket with room left over. It never dawned on him that he had any control of the matter.

    1. Janet,
      That would have been horrible to loose a load of panties and bras. I wonder about people like that family. "I've always done it that way" and it doesn't work is sad.

      Thanks for this comment.

  7. You poor kid, you just seem to be walking around with a black coloud over your head.


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