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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Almost Free at CVS

bronze booster--75% off

Since I got two mascaras marked 75% off and left things there that were marked down, I thought I should go back and get more, using the coupon from the store machine. Well, I procrastinated because I was still drained the next day. Today, when I went back with my $3 coupon on any Physicians Formula product, all the mascara was gone. RATS!

Not to be defeated, I search for other PF makeup that was marked down and could find nothing. But, I was determined, swung back to look again. There it was. The last PF with the green sticker. This is a bronzer in four sections for the four seasons.

It was $14.79. I paid $3.69 and saved $11.10. Using the $3 coupon, I paid the tax on the clearance price At any rate, the price was less than $1. And, I don't have the receipt! Okay, it was not free, but close enough. Found the receipt--paid $3.69 clearance-$3.00 coupon= $0.69+ tax on $3.69,  saved $11.10, actually with coupon, I paid $0.69 + $0.34 tax= $1.03 total

Sooo, one more gift for a bit over $1. Whew, finally got that

And, there were other brands on sale. You might check CVS in your area. The guy told me the 75% sale went off last week. NO, not so. This is a clearance price and it is mixed in with the regular priced items. Last week, it was on an end shelf with other sale-priced items.

I think I will mosey on over to Rite Aid and see what happening there on Monday. I am on a roll here.`

Your turn
Have you checked out CVS lately? Are there any places I should check out for sales on cosmetics? Did you find any good deals this weekend?


  1. That was an awesome deal. I save deals like that and use them for gift baskets.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Thanks. This will be or a Christmas gift, along with the mascara.

  2. oh those are such pretty colors!!!! good on you for all that hard work on getting the best deal and finding the last one!!! i am REALLY wanting to run over to CVS and see if there are any on clearance over here.......the walgreens is very near me - the CVS out of the way - so i generally don't get to the CVS.

    1. Luv,
      Thanks. You have to search for the clearance on these since they just move them and put new ones in front of the ones on clearance.

      I have CVS and Walgreens next door to each other and RiteAid across the street and all within a mile of me. I feel lucky.

  3. Cherdo,
    Yep, and scored for Christmas, too.

  4. Hi human, Linda,

    You sure do get some excellent mark downs. I don't wear mascara. However, between you and me, my human, Gary, sometimes applies a bit of make-up. Our secret.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny :)

    1. Penny,

      Right now, I am looking for Revlon lipstick deals/markdowns/sales. I bet you would look cute in a bit of lipstick and blush. I won't tell a soul about Gary...tick-a-lock. Thanks for the pawsitive wishes. I need some right now.


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