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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Setback on Plumbing! Further Damage

Today, I went to Lowe's to buy this product called Mendit, I think. It was at Lowe's, but I cannot find it on the internet. Supposedly, it will seal up anything. Well, it so happened the plumber was standing near me as I discussed this product.  I asked him if it would work. He said it might. Tonight, his brother said it held a water line, mended, for three years.

They left tonight to give it a chance to set up. When they turned on my water, it still leaked a bit, but not the gusher it was before. THEN, one of the men exclaimed that my sewer line was broken. He climbed up and crawled back where he could see it. and was shocked. "This has been cut with a saw! This is not a break, this is a clean cut." So, I have to have the sewer line that goes under the house repaired. But, the repair takes place in the basement and under the bathroom.

So, who would just cut my sewer line? He said it took someone who knew about plumbing and a special saw that I forgot the name he called it. They were not happy about someone cutting my sewer line. I almost fainted. Really, I did.

Only two plumbers have ever worked in the basement. One was in 1977 and the other was about 1995 when the house was re-plumbed.

They informed me they could see a river under the house. Had I not noticed it running out somewhere? Well, no.

The water is on and leaking, so I can get laundry done, dishes washed, and hair washed. They said they would come by everyday and turn it on and off. These are super nice guys! So, I have slipped back a bit.

I am such a nervous wreck!

Brushing teeth with little water
Never use the gel. It takes lots of water and effort to get it off teeth, toothbrush, and mouth. I stopped using the gel and went to get another tube so I could brush with less water. What did I do? I opened another tube of gel. grrrr I just want the white stuff. If you are stockpiling toothpaste, the gel sticks to everything and is sticky, whereas, the white paste can be cleaned more easily, wiped off when wet or licked off fingers. Gel is impossible. I would have to drool on my fingers and keeping wiping and drooling to get the gel off.

That was the one lesson I learned.

So, that is where I am for those who asked for an update--further behind. I will spend many hours tonight washing and drying clothes and washing dishes and cleaning up sink and counters and the bathroom. At least I can fill my jugs for tomorrow without water after they come by and turn it off again and it will stay off for a week again! .


  1. Though the trouble continues, I'm thankful you have water (although a little too much water).

    1. Cherdo,
      I suppose I have just the right amount, but in all the wrong places. It's a wonder I don't have a stench. It is a wonder my house has not floated away!

  2. Hiss and spit.
    I am so so sorry that the saga continues.

  3. It's so strange that someone cut the line. What a mystery.


    1. Janie,
      The plumber said it was hard to do. Only two plumbers have ever been down there before this problem. I am going to try to get a picture of it. It sort of scares me that someone would do this to my house.

  4. Linda,
    Omg that is awful. I am so sorry. I am speechless that someone would do this to another person. A river under your house sounds really bad, too.
    I am really thankful you have water and a wonderful plumber.

  5. This sabotage is horrendous. What kind of madness could do this?
    Desperately sorry for you and hope all soon becomes watertight asap.


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