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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Store Mistake aka My Good Fortune

After I got home from WM yesterday afternoon, I realized I had not gotten milk. So, I was back today after I drank the last cupful since I needed the Sunday paper.

Yesterday, as I perused the shelves, I noticed that 1/2 pint canning jars seemed really cheap. These are the squat 8 ounce canning jars that are usually about $6 or $7 for four, sort of expensive. However, they are good for storage. I can eat right from the little short jar if I wish. Yesterday, each pack of four had a sticker for $2.21. I got two.

Formerly, when I think something is really a good deal, the CMS tells me it just got put in the wrong place by an employee, that is not the right price, or a customer put it back in the wrong place. I have been infuriated because there may be a dozen of the item neatly stacked on the shelf. At any rate, I feel cheated. Even when there is a markdown sticker, I am told it is wrong if it rings up at another price!

A store former store employee told me that they are supposed to allow me to buy only two at the wrong price. Sooo, when the two boxes of jars rang up for more, I informed the checker I knew I was allowed to buy two at the wrong price and explained it again for the person who came to her aid. I had taken a picture of the shelf with two boxes left. An employee examined the picture, enlarged the price, and she concluded that was indeed the price on the shelf.

Today, I went for and milk and the paper. Feeling a little bold, I went back and the same two boxes of jars were on the shelf! I took those two to the checkout and told the person over the cashiers what happened yesterday, and the price was still $2.21, so I wanted these two for that price. No one blinked an eye. Knowing the rules helps lots. I have had as many as three CSMs and manager types come to bully me into accepting their word that things marked wrong, or on the wrong shelves cannot be sold for the wrong price. AHA!

I am not sure why I cannot open the internet when I have Blogger open. I was going to cut and paste the jars from Amazon). I am sure you have seen them--squat. 2 inches high, wide-mouthed, holds one cup.

My jars have increased by 16 half-pint jars for $8.84. That is still cheaper than the regular jelly jars that hold the same capacity. The price would have been more than $24, at least.

Did I really need these? Who passes up on canning jars marked so cheaply? Plus, I was air-drying Tupperware cereal bowls that I use mostly for storage, drying them on a cookie sheet in the cold oven and later turned on the oven. My storage bowls are severely depleted. But, like I said, these can be easily eaten from, unlike the taller jelly jars.

Your turn
Are you ever so lucky to find items marked wrong that should not be? Does WM or another store give you a hassle? What is your latest or best acquisition of item or items marked wrong.

Do you ever melt plastic on the stove or in the oven?


  1. Great deal on the jars! I would have bought them also and smart of you to have taken the picture of the price.

    1. Anne,
      Thanks! One time, a person was sent to investigate what was on the shelf and the price. The person put the items elsewhere and removed the price tag. Besides, they can see I have proof.

  2. If I see a price that's low, I take a picture of it. I had problems at IKEA years ago. I needed up with the marked price, but it was a huge hassle.

    1. Michelle,
      The picture certainly took most all the hassle out of my transaction. You probably would not have gotten what you wanted without the picture.

  3. It is a good idea to take pictures of the shelves!!!
    I hate it when employees don't even know the company policies. I went with my MIL yesterday to Crabtree and Evelyn to exchange some soap and the manager was acting like she wasn't going to do it. Then she wasn't willing to give her a discount on the things that she rerang up. I told the manager that we had plenty of time and that we would wait for her to sort it and for the discount. My MIL said later that she was glad that I said something. It saved her over $20!!!!! I don't think my MIL would have argued. She doesn't have the spine that I do..

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Sorry, but this was a manager. Some of them don't like the fact I find bargains and basically know the rules. They said they could do nothing about the wrong prices being posted. One time, I had to get the store manager to tell them what to do.

      I'm glad you were there, too. Yep, it takes spine to get what you deserve from some of these stores. Thankfully, the obstructionists are few and far between!

      Good for you and her!

    2. Actually, they try to get away with giving anyone the prices that they should.


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