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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Experiment Part Two (sweet potatoes)

Go HERE  to view the first part of dehydrating sweet potatoes.

Although it was totally unnecessary, I left the half cup of sweet potatoes to dehydrate until about 8 pm tonight.  So, that was 24 hours the sweet potatoes stayed in the dehydrator. I think 12 hours would have been sufficient. But, that does not matter since the humidity and heat will vary the next time.

Amazingly, the sweet potato dehydrated to a potato chip thin film. I tried it, but the sweet potato chip was sort of hard to eat, but melted in my mouth just fine.

I used my coffee bean grinder and mostly whirred them to an orange powder. I always forget and open the top too soon. An orange cloud greeted me when I impatiently removed the top. When will I ever learn?

After dehydrating and grinding to smithereens, I have about 3 Tbsp of sweet potato powder. I wonder if it has the same nutrition. It is in a 4 ounce Ball Canning or Freezing jar. There are 16 Tbsp in an 8-ounce jar. So, approximately three servings will fit in the jar. When I dehydrate more sweet potatoes, I will use a larger jar.

I will post when I rehydrate.


  1. I have never powdered anything but tomatoes, but I have some chicken broth I am going to seriously reduce and see if it can get it to dry to a solid and then powder it. Might work or might be a huge mess. Let us know how you like the sweet potatoes. I am always interested in how dehydrating different foods is after rehydrating.

    1. Anne,
      I did read about someone dehydrating broth. Next week, I will rehydrate. I am really having to try hard not to do it now. But, I want one aspect of my Thanksgiving completed.


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