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Monday, November 2, 2015

Dehydrating Zucchini and Bell Peppers and Bargains

There are no pictures, even for later. Last evening and into the night, I filled the dehydrator.

There were ten lovely, and quite large Bell peppers. I sliced them into even larger pieces than last time. The pieces shrunk to the size of a pea. Hopefully, these will dry well. They have a larger area but are not necessarily thicker.

Next, I sliced ten zucchini and put them in the dehydrator but on separate trays. I don't think the taste of one will permeate the other vegetable. The combination makes the house smell funky, but that is okay. It smells as good as some of the smudges, even better.

That makes seven of the nine trays filled to overflowing. Since it is very humid here, 100%, and still drizzling, I doubt they will be done anytime soon.

The bell peppers were $0.78 each at WM. price-matched from Sprouts for $0.48. The zucchini were free. I received free bananas for the chickens, too.

Since Bell Peppers are still $0.48. I will probably get another ten this week. I still have seven onions to dehydrate, about 7 apples.

Today, I will cut the $.99 cantaloupe since exbf  like cantaloupe and I don't. I will cut the $0.99 pineapple and share with him and practice dehydrating pineapple.

Your turn
Bargains of food or otherwise? Dehydrating now or in the past? Tell us a story or experience, if you will.


  1. I dehydrated watermelon this summer and it tasted like candy. Well funky candy but it was still very good. I use a lot of mushrooms and have dehydrated 20 or so cartons of them. Every time they are on sale at Aldi, I buy several more to dry. I have also dried onions successfully, but I use the porch outlet and dry them outside just to keep the smell bearable.

    1. Anne,
      I wondered about watermelon. Aldi is how I got the mushrooms to dehydrate. Maybe I am strange, but I actually like the smells from the dehydrator. Do you have a screened in back porch? I think sometimes flies would be drawn to the odors. Maybe not?

      I have a back porch and outlet, but the porch is not screened. The warmth in the summer is the only thing I dislike. But, even now, the bit of warmth is welcome.


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