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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sunday, Sunday

It was cold and windy as I hung clothes on the line....brr. Since it very sunny out and the humidity is low, they will dry just fine and I can hang out clothes a second time, maybe a third time today is the breeze holds. My fingers will thaw

It's much easier to hang clothes out when it is frigid when you have a choice in the matter. When my washer gets here, I will be able to wash instead of going to the laundromat. I know--first world problems. When it was below freezing and raw conditions, hanging out diapers caused pain. That was many years ago and not my idea!

Earlier, I went toBig Store to get a paper and Oxyclean. As I passed a customer and employee on the main grocery aisle, I heard the employee saying in a strident voice that WM did not carry it. The guy was saying something. I got the Oxyclean and headed right up the aisle, still in the same spot they were when I passed them, about six side aisles up the main aisle. She was so loud is the reason I even paid any attention to what was going on.

I stopped and asked the guy what he wanted. She interrupted and said they did not carry it, that she knew what they carried and this was not one of their items. As I maneuvered the electric cart to see his wife's note, she continued her strident talking, not shutting up for a second and telling him she knew better than I. Finally, I asked her to be quiet while I looked. She kept it up.

Why do people say the same thing like twelve times, especially when they are adding nothing to knowledge, always deniers? Why do they get loud, shrill/strident? Finally, I told the guy I had been through this before with some employees and usually, it took three or four employees in succession to finally find an item.

Oh, her main story--if I cannot find it and you cannot find it, we don't carry it.  That is just not true!

She whirled and ran off, saying, "Well, I am going to get a manager to take care of you." My reply, "Okay, this customer is not upset by me. I don't work for Big Store, so maybe the manager can find what you cannot and will not. I don't work for Big Store, so I don't have to do what he says." All the way to the back of the store, she kept repeating the same words she said to the guy and then to me.

I went to a manager in the front after the guy gave up and was going to check out. The manager told me exactly where the item was located. Well, on the centers of the aisles. So, I found it thirty seconds later.

The guy had just purchased what his wife did not ask for. I showed him the display and helped him find what his wife wanted. He laughed and thanked me. The employee kept telling him to take what she gave him, another brand, that she "could just use that."

ummm, no way. If a woman asks for Pepperidge Farm Stuffing, I doubt she will be happy with Stove Top.

After the guy had left with the right thing for his wife, I found her and told her that, yes, the item was in the store in abundance. She looked shocked and said for me to show her. Well, When we were 40 feet away, I showed her the huge sign in the center aisle with the price and told her the whole end cap was filled with the item. After her being such an ass, she was gracious enough to say she was wrong and thank me. That was not what I was after, just to let her know the Big Store did carry the item.

Many times, I have had multiple employees tell me the store did not carry the item or they were out. Only once had the store quit carrying what I searched for! I felt sorry for this guy is the only reason I stopped to help and was so determined he should get what his wife put on the list.

This morning, I left the house about 8 am and found my mailbox hanging open. There were two pieces of mail on the ground and a package in the mailbox. One of the letters on the ground was my bank statement! grrr The other was a recall on my Chevrolet. The box needed to be returned!

The winds are 12 mph and the temperature is 38, all according to the tv weather. Today, I finally put on socks!

On Monday, I will be getting a free turkey as will exbf, so I am making sure I have two turkey bags, two pans to cook them in and the freezer at least cleaned out enough to store on of the turkeys. I get the breast. He gets the rest. Hens get giblets, bones cooked soft, fat, and anything we won't or don't consume.  I really need a freezer of some sort.

And, it is not even noon.

Later, my neighbor, Tony, is going to help me move things so the guys can get the washer in here. I just cannot.

I may just go back to WM and get another head of celery for $0.48 to use in dressing instead of the celery I dehydrated. I will definitely go outdoors and dice the onion that makes me cry to use in dressing.

And, I need to get my gloves and scarves out.

The water was finally restored to almost normal on Thursday. Today, I washed the first load of dishes. Remember I thought the dishwasher was wearing out because things did not get clean? Today, the dishes are clean. It was lack of water pressure causing the dishwasher not to clean utensils, things on the top rack. Plus, lots of residue was tossed to other dishes.

Your turn
Has it ever driven you mad to have unhelpful employees act like they are helping? Do you hang out clothes when it is cold?


  1. The current batch of employees we have at the closest WM are very helpful - the last batch were not. They change about every 6 months.

    I dry my clothes on racks in the house - if it's cool enough it's in front of the open slider, if not then I turn the ceiling fan on and with the AC they get dry.

    We're having a cool spell - down to 82 !! I really don't think that's cool, more like lukewarm.

    1. Bellen,
      It is down to 27 now! You live in Paradise!

  2. The employees in my local walmart are invisible. Or so it seems. Oh Linda I forgot to tell you my way of chopping lots of onions. I have a small fan on my kitchen counter and I turn it to blow across the area of cutting. I think it blows the fumes away.

    1. Some nights, I search all quarters and find not one employee!

      I had a fan on the floor, not running, just sitting there. I should have used that. That is a smart solution.

  3. I am reading this thinking a lot of people who read your blog have no idea what real dressing is. My mouth is watering just thinking of it.

    1. Anne,
      I bet you make cornbread dressing. I do. Yes, my mouth is watering, too.

    2. I do Lind. I use my grandmothers recipe but it is not really a recipe. More of a how to

    3. Anne,
      Same here--a whole lot of celery and such. I never measure.

  4. You sure have a lot going on.
    We got a lot of snow and I felt home bound. I hate that feeling but then when I finally did go out, I realized that it was too cold to be out. LOL

    1. SonyaAnn,
      Yes, nothing like feeling the cold and realizing you really need to be inside.


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