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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Grocery Trips

These bargains were found this month. Mostly, I price-matched all this at WM. The trips will not be in order nor will I give the percentage saved.

Trip #1
*bananas $0.32/lb.
*2 x 3 lb. bags yellow onions $0.99/3 lbs
*red delicious apples $0.79/lb
*green grapes $0.99/lb
*bell pepper 9@$0.48 each

Trip #2
*Honey Crisp, Gala, and Fuji apples $.088/lb
I bought only about 7 lbs. to dehydrate

Trip #3
There was a deal on Kraft where a person had to purchase 8 Kraft items in one shopping trip to get $1 off each Kraft item purchased.

*Lipton Tea $2.99. This is the eight-ounce instant tea I love.
*Grated Parmesan and *Three Cheese blend, one of each @ $.2.99.
*3 ounce Basil and cheese for spaghetti @$1.49. It's new and I wanted to try it.
*Kraft String Cheese $2.79 for a pack of 10. I use this to keep from buying food on trips to doctors out of town.
*Miracle Whip $2.99. I try to keep 2 on the shelf, but I only needed one. These expire too soon, so I cannot fill a shelf.
*Philadelphia Cream Cheese $1.49. I made a mistake buying this because it will be less than $1 in a week or two. Or, maybe I did not get the sale price. So, I will check it out. Until now, I had not looked at the receipt since I bought this yesterday. It looks like I only purchased 7 items....ooops.

When I get the Kraft coupons together, the prices will be much lower.

Your turn
What bargains have you found? Are these prices in line with what you pay?


  1. I LOVE dehydrated apples. I eat them so fast. Den says that it is an addiction. He can call it what he wants as long as he keeps slicing apple.s

    1. Sonya Ann, I suppose you are very regular. If you throw out the peels, I would eat those.


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