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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

An Experiment

Even though I don't have my sweet potatoes yet, I do have the rest of the huge one from Monday. So, tonight I finally started dehydrating it.

I need to know how much dehydrated sweet potato makes a 1/2 cup serving when rehydrated. After measuring out 1/2 cup of the sweet potato, I put it on the Excalibur fruit rollup tray and spread it out. It went into the dehydrator at 7:30 pm. By noting this here, I won't have to remember or make a note on the Clever, huh? It's rather humid, so the time it takes to dehydrate will be just a good guess the next time I do this.

When the sweet potato is dehydrated, it will be a hard sheet of sweet potato. I will break it up and place it in my coffee bean grinder. I can measure the results to determine how much to use to rehydrate for a 1/2 cup serving.

More fruit rollup sheets for my Excalibur will be on my list for Santa. Really, I have been good!

By conducting this experiment now , I won't have to experiment with a whole jar of sweet potato powder. Don't I lead an exciting life?

The other eight trays are empty right now. However, apples can go in with the sweet potatoes.

There is a little less than 1/2 cup left of the sweet potato, so that is on the menu for tomorrow. I will consider the rehydrated sweet potato as a head start for Thanksgiving dinner.

Part two
Although it was totally unnecessary, I left the half cup of sweet potatoes to dehydrate until about 8 pm tonight.  So, that was 24 hours the sweet potatoes stayed in the dehydrator. I think 12 hours would have been sufficient. But, that does not matter since the humidity and heat will vary the next time.

I used my coffee bean grinder and mostly whirred them to an orange powder. I always forget and open the top too soon. An orange cloud greeted me when I impatiently removed the top. When will I ever learn?

After dehydrating and grinding to smithereens, I have about 3 Tbsp of sweet potato powder. I wonder if it has the same nutrition. It is in a 4 ounce Ball Canning or Freezing jar. There are 16 Tbsp in an 8-ounce jar. So, approximately three servings will fit in the jar. When I dehydrate more sweet potatoes, I will use a larger jar.

Your turn

Have you ever dehydrated sweet potatoes?


  1. I love sweet potatoes but never tried to dehydrate them. It sounds too daunting for my lack of patience.

    1. There are days lately I just don't want to dehydrate. It does take time to do.

  2. Never dehydrated sweet potatoes but have dried apple rings by hanging over a wood stove - smelled really nice.

    Sweet potatoes and apples together sounds appetizing to me.

    I was intrigued and found this site, she uses 1/4 c. powder to 1 cup boiling water - sounds like it would make about 1 c. total. Obviously adjust as necessary. Happy eating!!

    1. I can just picture the apples hanging so fragrant over the wood stove. That is such a rustic and comforting setup. Thanks. I will check out that site.

  3. I write things on my blog so I can remember them too. Great minds? Or forgetful minds? ;p

    1. Sonya Ann,
      Great minds have so much important stuff to remember, so it is overload, not forgetfulness.

  4. Linda - one of the blogs I check daily is Imagine my surprise when today's article was about how nutritious Sweet Potatoes are - and they even went out in space! Serendipity at work again.

    1. Bellen,
      Well, you know astronauts would get the most nutrition for the ounce! Plus, they are low-glycemic foods, good for people with diabetes. Thanks for that link. I will check it out.


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