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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

New Washer, Buying Sweet Potatoes, and a Surprise

Yesterday, after exbf lent me the money to buy a new washer, I surprised him by asking him to take me to get sweet potatoes in the country. He thinks I should not get two boxes after I wasted too many last year. Last winter was fraught with extraordinary circumstances. Besides, I had the 80 pounds of sweet potatoes here before the water was not working.

I did find a used washer for $150. I am very nervous about used appliances since the wrong investment will cost me more if I have to get another soon. Lowe's was having their Black Friday Sale starting sometime this weekend. They started early. Saturday or Sunday, the only non-HE was marked from $379 to $299. I do believe it was marked to $299 earlier this month.

Then, when exbf was going to go with me to purchase the washer, I told him the two choices and the prices. He preferred I buy the new one. Then, I told him about the other deal--get a new Lowe's card and get a discount for using the card. I think it was 10%. There are only two carts in Lowe's. Only one was available. He insisted I use it while he hung onto a push cart.

Lowes does not have enough carts for the size of the store! I complained to the salesman about this, not because he did not get one of the two electric carts, but because two is inadequate. When I talked to the store manager, I told him they had inadequate electric carts, that my friend was buying a washer AND there were not enough carts, so what kind of monetary compensation on the washer could my friend get. Yes, I repeated that he needed two hip replacements and two knee replacements. So, we got another 10% off the $299. The washer ended up costing $253+ tax. Exbf was pleased with the whole deal I made.

Then, we were off to buy sweet potatoes. I was going to get two boxes, 80 pounds. This year, I will do mass baking then dehydrate them. That will give me sweet potato powder to rehydrate one serving at a time with no baking. This will be a saving on electricity because I will put many in the oven at once, more than my usual dozen. Plus, the sweet potatoes will be easy to prepare for a tasty, healthful, and quick meal.

Things did not work out the way I planned. First, I was talking and missed telling him the correct road. Then, we went another ten miles because even though I knew I missed the road, I was sure it was just up ahead.

Finally, I saw some workers in yellow vests and told exbf to stop there. The guy got out a map with every rabbit trail marked in several counties. We got it figured out. I was admiring the map, sawing how I could find any road if I had a map like his.

Several years ago, for the convenience of 911 responders all county roads were changed from names to numbers. I still refer to some of the roads by their old names, like Basch Rd. It seems the numbers took away the old names and the character of the land. I think we could have kept the names and numbers.

At any rate I slowly handed the map back to him. He stuck it back through the window, saying he would get another. Yippee! It is dirty and dog-eared, but it will work for me.

We found the right road, marked just as I knew it would be. We did not need the map. However, we got there in the middle of the afternoon. Usually, I go at noon and find Hispanic workers and one will always speak English. Yesterday, we drove all over the place, found fields of turnips, a second crop I suppose. There were goats who came to look at us looking at them. A large area was covered in white chicken feathers, but the one chicken house was not secure, well not the windows, anyway.

When we drove back to the sweet potato storage house, there was a man getting into his car. He seemed in a hurry. I had exbf hurry so we got to him and I motioned for him to roll down his window. He asked what we wanted like he owned the place. He proceeded to tell me I got there at the wrong time, that I should come before noon. He repeated this five more times before the conversation ended.

The guy said the owner said he could get sweet potatoes for his horse. He had come to buy some but just took a few. ??? Then, he went to his car and brought me two of the largest sweet potatoes I have ever seen. Maybe I was receiving stolen property? If he knew when to come, why did he come when he said he knew no one would be there?

I had to rest when we came home and he changed the chicken water and their pine straw. First, I put the sweet potatoes in the oven before I rested. We each ate 1/3 of a sweet potato and had plenty! Chicken breast I cooked the day before and store-canned green beans completed the meal. Grapes were the fruit/dessert.

He took home 9 chicken-thigh quarters I cooked in a turkey bag, the rest of his sweet potato, and the rest of the grapes. I think he was happy with the food. The sweet potato was enough for two more generous servings. He has plenty of green beans and other vegetables.

The washing machine is due to be delivered Friday, but I am going to delay delivery until exbf is here because the guys are rough with my furniture. It may be shitty furniture, but it is the best I have and should not be abused by them! Besides, I won't wash clothes in it until the city flushes their lines.

Your turn
Would you have asked for an extra discount because the store did not have enough carts?


  1. Sweet deal Linda. Most people would not think to bargain with Lowe's. You deserve a new washer. Have you read about Wal-Mart and Patti Labelled sweet potato pie? My local store had them for 39¢ a pound and I am going to try her recipe. I love sweet potatoes.

    1. carol.
      A guy on another blog ended up with "upcoming erections" instead of what he typed--"upcoming elections."

      Oh, I will bargain anywhere and usually get the deal.

      No ,I have not heard of that recipe. I use my pumpkin pie recipe I got from my mother and just substitute sweet potatoes. We grow sweet potatoes five miles from town, but stores ship them in from Mississippi and charge $.99/lb. $.78 this week.

  2. This stupid auto correct makes me sound like an idiot!

  3. This stupid auto correct makes me sound like an idiot!

  4. Sweet deal Linda. Most people would not think to bargain with Lowe's. You deserve a new washer. Have you read about Wal-Mart and Patti Labelled sweet potato pie? My local store had them for 39¢ a pound and I am going to try her recipe. I love sweet potatoes.

  5. Good deal on the washer. So I am assuming you now have water again?

    1. slugmama,
      Thanks. Let's put it this way, I won't be able to flush the commode on the same day I wash clothes.

      The commode seal leaked and ruined the floor--thanks plumbers! The floor in the laundry room is falling through. I hope neither the washer or I collapse the floor.

      I could have bought a washer for what I have spent on the laundromat! But, now I am physically unable to haul laundry up and down the steps!

  6. That's great you found a washer!
    My dishwasher quit working again, so I ordered the parts. One came today, the other should be here tomorrow.

    1. Michelle,
      I tried to get the washer repaired, but there was a leak in the tub near the drain hose. If I had the same model that was inoperable, I could cannibalize it for the tub!

      There is something wrong with the dishwasher now. I will just keep washing dishes on the pot and pan cycle.

  7. We always ask for a deal on anything at Lowe's over $100 or when buying multiples of anything over $25 and usually get it. When buying 5 fruit trees at $35 each we asked for 10% off, got it; when buying a stove, dishwasher and over the stove microwave that we already on sale we asked for 15% off and got it, plus we always use hubby's veterans' discount - all the little deals add up.

    1. Bellen,
      I always ask for a discount when buying multiples, too. When my friend, Charlie, is around, I use his military discount. However, that has not happened in years. You are so right about all this little deals adding up.

  8. Wow! You are quite the barginer. ( is that even a word) Way to go!

    1. Kristine,
      Thanks. I do get more than my share of bargains!

  9. I think I need to dehydrate some sweet potatoes. Maybe some apples too. Yum.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I am off to dehydrate sweet potatoes right this minute.


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