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Thursday, November 5, 2015

A New Workspace

Since it hurts my back to stand long enough to prepare even one Bell pepper for dehydrating, I was in sore need of another solution. Sitting at the kitchen table forced me to raise my arms just enough that the torn rotator cuffs hurt for days.

I have a small table (about 16X30 inches) that I used in craft shows behind the display table for my cash register. I could put down a drink,  pen and paper, whatever I did not want to duck under a table to retrieve.

This small table is about five inches shorter than the kitchen table, just right for working without raising my arms too much. I do raise my arms doing things, but the time I have to spend prepping dehydrating products was too long and too intense.

When I slice food items for dehydrating, there is always something damp or sticky. The top of the table is sort of bubbly, so I am afraid further abuse will ruin the table. I needed plastic over it. Just the right thing and reduced appeared!

The dark blue buffalo check plastic picnic tablecloth is perfect. I considered cutting it in half. Then, I decided in fourth would work. Finally, I cut the $1 tablecloth into six pieces. They just barely cover the table, so I hope they are not too skimpy. Then, I realized there are four clips to secure a tablecloth in the wind. They ought to keep the six tablecloths in place nicely with no slipping.

I am going to fold the other five pieces and store them in a drawer under the drying towels. Maybe I will secure them with a rubber band and store in a top cabinet.

At any rate, waiting and thinking for a bit caused me to have 17 cent plastic pieces to cover my work space and protect it. I even have spares so that I can discard any piece I happen to cut. I don't suppose plastic comes any cheaper, especially plastic that is fairly sturdy.

My parsimony paid off. A frugal day is a good day.

Your turn
Do you mull things over with cost in mind, shopping until the really cheap priced item appears?


  1. Yes. I have several projects I need to complete, but won't u til I have an inspiration for what I need...other than running out to buy the item. A hanging rack for thread spools comes to mind. Many things like that....sometimes I break down and spend, though. Far too often actually, especially when the kid's school items are involved.

    1. Meg B.,
      Inspiration driven by parsimony--the way I work most of the time. I kept my spools of thread in clear plastic boxes on a bookshelf. It is hard to put off purchases for kid's school items.

  2. I agree a frugal day is a good day!!!!

    1. You see it my way. Even a not-so-great day works better with a frugal moment.

  3. "Do you mull things over with cost in mind, shopping until the really cheap priced item appears?"

    Yes. BTW, here's the entire chicken film:


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