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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Two; Two; Two

This is nothing like "Double your pleasure, Double your fun." It's better.

There are two giveaways. Slugmama has a wonderful giveaway that you can find HERE. The second giveaway has eluded me. If you are having  a giveaway, I will post it here. Just let me know. I am too tired to think. Okay, Carol help me. The other giveaway is HERE. I am not sure if that takes you to the November 10th post, but this is for a vest with many pockets. ScottVest.

I crossed the Tennessee River two times today--going north up the interstate and going south through the woods on the way home. The Tennessee River loops south down from Tennessee and then goes north again to Tennessee. The river goes around Huntsville. Somehow, I always think it is neat to cross it twice in one day and at different place So, I am easily amused. I could travel the same route coming and going. Some days I do.

Once I saw the specialist today, he referred me to two more specialists in different fields. This is wearing me out, but these specialists are not to be found here in this town. There is an upside to living in a larger city. At least I don't live further away.

Your turn
Do you have a giveaway? I signed up for one and forgot where it is. Do you ever marvel at crossing a river twice in one day at different places? Or, does your travel bring you a little thrill over a mundane spot?  Have you gone to a specialist and health problems just keep cascading and the doctors visits take your breath away?


  1. Linda, didn't Donna Freedman have a giveaway?

    1. Carol,
      Thanks. I do believe that's the one!


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