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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Iron Bowl

The streets are deserted. Stores are shuttered as though it were Christmas Day.

The Iron Bowl is today. Someone not from the South said it was one of the biggest rivalries in college football. "War Eagle! "

Some of you say "Roll Tide."

While I care nothing for football and think all the noise is annoying, some people love all the hullabaloo. Exbf graduated from Auburn, so I know where he stands. My son is a rabid Auburn fan, so that is where my loyalties lie.

I swore I was not leaving the yard today, but I had a hankering for a chocolate milkshake. So, off to Arby's I went for their Value chocolate shake for about $1.50. However, since it was between 2 and 5 pm, the small was $1. Yay chocolate!

All the locally owned stores are closed with signs in the doors "closed because of the game." No, that is all the explanation needed around here. "The game" describes the situation.

Even though I hate football, I will listen to anyone explain what is happening. I have attended Iron Bowl Parties for the company, good time, and food. But, I don't seek them.

Your turn
I know some of you are from Alabama. For whom do you cheer? Thoughts on college football? If you are not from AL, what is your favorite team?


  1. I am so thankful my husband does not follow sports. We have several rabid Ohio State fans in our family. One grandson was a talented football player in high school but decided not to play in college, even though he would have had a free ride. We may watch the super bowl but not always. I can appreciate the excitement of fans but dont share it.

    1. Carol,
      With all the problems football players have with brain injury, your grandson may have saved his own brain. Yes, I appreciate their excitement. No, never sincerely share.

  2. I graduated from a state university in Illinois so no big allegiance to the team! My brothers both are Hawkeyes and big fans. The Hawkeyes are doing great this year- number 3 the last I heard (U of Iowa). My youngest DD is a Gator (UF) and I do love the Gators. I'm really not a football fan at all but I can pretend when it is necessary hahahaha,

    1. Nan,
      Pretending is what I do best when it comes to However, I am supportive in that I cook the food or snacks necessary and am supportive, just not interested at all, except for the final score of the Iron Bowl. Auburn lost!


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