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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No Dinner For Me Tonight

I went to the church dinner tonight. A printed menu was on the table.

Meat loaf
carrots and peas
mashed potatoes
banana pudding

So, I am allergic to beef and peas. The carrots touched the peas, so I cannot have those. I don't need the carbs in the white roll and boxed potatoes since I am diabetic. Last time, there were only two slices of banana in the pudding. I pulled them out, but pudding was attached.

I am certainly not complaining because all menus are not amenable to my allergies and health. I don't expect them to cater to me! I just left, came home and probably won't eat dinner.  Before I left tonight to go to the church, I snacked some so I would not be famished if there were beef.

The onions and celery are almost finished dehydrating. I may not put anything else in tonight. Tomorrow, I have to go to Huntsville for the third time this week--one day for tests and two days for doctor appointments. I need sleep.

What I have left to dehydrate:
four or five varieties of baking/cooking apples

Night night. Now, let's hope I can sleep! If I am blogcruising, you will know I cannot sleep.

Your turn
Do you have allergies that impact social occasions? No, I am not going to carry food with me. It's five minutes from the house, and I won't die by not eating for a bit.


  1. as a coeliac, my sister has to be gluten free. She was delighted when someone brought gluten free cookies for the church morning tea and appalled when one family of obnoxious teenagers who have no particular health issues ate all of the cookies.
    Honestly, if she didnt bring her own she would starve.

    1. Since I live so close, I can get to food, but it is hard to watch others eat and have nothing.

      Someone needs to guard the gluten-free cookies or just not put them in reach of everyone.

  2. DO your potatoes turn black when you dehydrate them?

    1. You have to parboil potatoes before dehydrating them or they turn black. I learned that the hard way

    2. Ann,
      I would be horrified to have black potatoes. Yes I was planning to give them a bit of a boil.


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