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Monday, November 9, 2015

Hard Day and New Gadget

Today started hard and ended with a bonus. When it is time to go out of town for a doctor visit, I can never go right to sleep. Melatonin did not work. My feet were cold! Finally, when the sun was lighting the sky a bit, I went to sleep. Then, I awoke before the alarm went off and decided to just stay up. Sure, two hours is enough. NOT!

I was going to drive my car and let exbf ride. After a light came on the dash of my car, I decided I would drive his car. After no sleep, I told him he needed to drive. sigh...We went the back way to Huntsville, familiar to me but not to him. So, I asked him to drive slowly. We arrived at the office without incidence and he ate the McD sandwich that was his lunch. I was so relieved he had not had an accident and followed my directions that I was now in pain because of no food.

Instructions were not to eat for eight hours before the test. Another person said not to eat after midnight. Since my appointment was for 12:30 pm and it takes them 30 to prep me, att 2 am I had oatmeal and milk.

Nurses have a difficult time finding a vein. My veins are elusive and roll away. If I have been limited in fluid intake, it is doubly hard. Today was no different. Actually, we could both see a vein but the nurse decided to wrap my arm in a towel soaked in hot water and wrap it in a blanket. That works.

She mentioned they have a light to see veins. I had heard of this and asked to see what it did. She obliged and shone it on my arm. WOW! Lots of little veins and capillaries...guess that is what they were. I had heard about this instrument but had never seen it in use. Have you?

After not eating for over 11 hours and lying flat of my back and not moving, I was famished and stiff. Orange juice and graham crackers, I felt better. Have you ever seen a in a wheelchair sucking down juice and stuffing graham crackers in her mouth, oblivious to all, just stuffing her face? Well, that was me.

I hope my gall bladder needs to come out. Keep your fingers crossed for me. It has been over 35 years since I was first tested following what was termed a "gall bladder attack." Over the years, I have been tested many times, but I have a fine, fully functioning gall bladder....when it is tested. Otherwise, there is pain, nausea, and throwing up.

Then, we got stuff from Charlie--extra produce, juice and stuff. So, now I have a half dozen bananas, 6 Granny Smith apples, a pomegranate, 4 oranges, celery, two bunches of spinach, volume-wise about two quarts of red grapes. There were half-gallons of juice and pastries to choose from. I got a loaf of 100% Wheat bread and yogurt. There may have been more, but I am not getting up to look.

The six bell peppers I put in the dehydrator are done. The humidity here will determine that. The celery bought for $0.69 and the free one today need to go into the dehydrator. I can put those in with the peppers since the fragrance of one won't really affect the other.

Tomorrow, I need to freeze 20 lbs of chicken or bake it or put it in the crockpot...ugh. Right now, I need to make sure there is a freshly washed and dried pint jar for the dehydrated bell peppers.

Since I have lots of frozen chicken, I can taste chicken salad with lots of celery in it. The celery won't be good in a salad once rehydrated. So, it's now or never!

Yesterday. I bought tomatoes and eggs from the farmer's market. Good week!

Your turn
Have you ever had your gall bladder give you problems for years? Did you have it out? Did you suffer for years before it ever was bad enough to not have it removed?


  1. Think I mentioned before I had my gall bladder out Sept 2014. Found I had a 4.4cm stone (about the size of a golf ball) during a routine chest x-ray for my carotid surgery. Had no problems with the gall bladder until 8:30pm the night before the surgery when I had a major attack - pain, slight nausea and cold sweats that soaked thru all my clothes. Not having any prior problems I thought it was just a major case of pre-surgery nerves.

    Surgery was done laparscopically as an outpatient, recovery was quick, just a little soreness and a couple of days of actually rolling out of bed.

    If you need the surgery have it done, living with pain & nausea is no way to live.

    1. Bellen,
      I want it done. I would not put it off at all. one wants to take it out if tests won't show a problem. I don't want to be older and put up with the problems an older person might have with anesthesia or simple surgery...or worse yet, an emergency. I am glad you had no problems. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I have had gallbladder problems and it is terrible.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      This is continual, daily. Yet, nothing shows up as abnormal on any test.

  3. After having a gall bladder infection in 1982, I had problems for years with nausea and pain in my side. I was in the hospital for ten days. My gall bladder was never removed. If they'd done surgery, I would have been out of the hospital in thee days. It's improved--very slowly--over the years. I have an attack of moderate pain about once a year.


    1. Janie,
      I want this out before this is an emergency and I am 90! I just ate three cookies and a glass of milk. There is a sharp pain that started within three minutes or less. Thanks for telling me. This is not improving!

  4. Linda I hope you do not have to suffer too long before they decide what to do. I had my gall bladder out with scheduled surgery, but my hospital roommate came in through the ER, very serious.

  5. I was fortunate to have had only one gall bladder attack long ago - it was rough, as you well know. I'm hoping it was misdiagnosed 'cause I don't want to do that again, sister!

    Don't suffer - let them take care of it. God bless!

    1. Cherdo,
      They cannot take it out until blood enzymes are either higher or lower.

  6. gallbladder of a friend is fine, it is the 'sand' in the bile duct that kills her. have seen her ea ta lemon straight while standing over the sink.
    or apple cider vinegar is good for it. i use bragg's and just drink a bit.
    mine is controlled by diet. don't know if i have stones but no constant pain so probably not. it is just the emerald green poo that is the determining symptom as well as the pain under the right scapula.

    1. Deborah,
      Thanks for that information. I don't have emerald green

      I will ask about all this. I have never heard of the lemon cure except as a cleanse. I am not sure I can do the acv cure. Thanks.

  7. Did you find Sand Mountain tomatoes, Linda? I love them and I think they are gone locally now.

    1. Anne,
      I have never heard of these. I will ask around. Tell me more.

  8. I don't know what variety they grow on Sand Mountain (just northish of Huntsville) But they are the best tomatoes I have ever eaten. They must have some magical micro climate to produce such fantastic produce. ZI find them here during the summer and thought since you were in Huntsville you might have happened on some


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