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Friday, November 27, 2015

The Day After Thanksgiving

First, the washing machine continuing saga. I mentioned to the two delivery guys that there was a scratch on the top edge. He blew it off saying, "Oh, that is not a scratch, just where the paint rubbed off."

Exbf scoffed when I told him. "That  is called a scratch!"

I was not sure if the delivery guy was saying paint from something else rubbed off on the washing machine or paint rubbed off the washing machine, revealing the under part of the paint job. At any rate, I was too ill to further discuss it.

So, at about 2 pm today, I called and talked to someone in charge, but not of delivery. He said they were covered up but someone would call me in thirty minutes. Also, the guys left the washer to rinse and spin out water, declaring it worked. When I got up twelve hours later just to look at the washer, there were pieces of cardboard all in the machine, wet and flung up on the sides. ???

Since there were two sheets in the washer that I rinsed to get the laundromat detergent smell off them, I decided to dry those just now. Well, when I pulled on the sheets, they were heavy with water. I put them on a different drain and spin cycle. Okay, I just checked. Another cycle will spin out water very well. So, why does the colored cycle not spin out all the water? I could squeeze out water!

All I need is a regular cycle and a gentle cycle. There is no need for knit and permanent press cycle in my world. A rinse cycle works for a prewash cycle in case of really dirty things.

I suppose the days of just buying a washer and using it are over. There have only been two in my life before this one--1967 and 1994, 27 and 21 year life cycles.

Without grossing you out, let's just say my productive cough is ramping up the colorful production. Plus, I cough non-stop. I do want to cough, but Vicks will come out for soles of my feet if this keeps up until bedtime.

The hens are fed, mail checked--my work is done. It is a balmy 70 degrees out. The sky is gray in places but not dark at all.

It's time for leftovers! The sun is completely out again. It is brilliant and balmy.

Your turn
How is the day after in your house?

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