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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Me: Old, Forgetful, Incompetent? NOT!

NO! Not at all! But, using my computer was beyond me some days. Then, I got the new computer and finally got my free copy of Windows 10. Suddenly, I can do things I knew were possible but had never done. Some things I could do had become impossible.

Discombobulated, I just figured I must have forgotten how to accomplish what I wanted.

When Charlie refreshed my memory, I still could not do what I wanted. Let me give you an example. I rarely delete emails, thinking I will just do it later. "Later" never comes. So, I have ended up with 100K emails and warnings about my email load.

When I would go down the list and check junk emails to delete, sometimes I would check an email I really wanted to read. I thought I could just uncheck, but no, that option was not impossible. At this point, I was using Win 10, so I thought things had changed from Win 7.

Friday, I really wanted to delete masses of emails from one site to which I subscribe. I open about one of every 50 emails since different computer problems are not things I want to read from this computer help site. I searched for the site on my email site and came up with 16,000 emails from this one site. I checked the box at the top and a check showed up beside each email. Then, I clicked "delete" and spent five minutes waiting for the operation to finish. Easy Peasey.

Do you realize how long it would take for 16,000 emails to be deleted at ten at a time?  For a bit, okay months, I thought I was losing my touch. Many things about computers and operations are intuitive. For some reason, this was not working when I had been using a computer regularly since 1991.

A massive Win 10 update may have been the cure. I don't have to know why because I know it was not me! You do know that Win 10 is a work in progress, don't you? Win 7 was great. I only had about a month of Win 8.1 but was fed up with 8.1 when my free Win 10 finally showed up.

So, it is not me! I am not so old I am forgetful or incompetent. SO THERE!

Your turn
Have you ever felt like you were losing your touch, your edge, when it was not you but whatever you were working with?


  1. Replies
    1. Bellen,
      Thanks for that affirmation! Can you elaborate? How to delete masses of emails from one address just about did me in.

    2. Linda - my big thing is hubby and I each have a computer. He gets both e-mails and Facebook entries either hours before or after me. My sister cannot get my e-mails. We've had 4 (our 3 and sister's 1) computer experts try to figure it out - they have not come up with any explanation - they make their living with computers!! Meanwhile, they've spent hours trying to rectify that problem.
      Because of glut of e-mails from some sources, I read one and go to the very bottom of the e-mail and choose unsubscribe, takes about 3 days to kick in. Also, I put a lot under Spam and empty that trash barrel daily.
      Just like my phone, my computer is for my use and I dump anything I don't want and I do go thru bookmarked sites about every 6 weeks.
      Are we sure all this electronic stuff is making life easier?

    3. Charlie and I have discussed the getting emails at different times. He has a degree in computers and has no idea. II had been unsubscribing and nothing happened after weeks. I think I will try it again after 10 kicking in. I got more done before I got a laptop. Actually, I cannot do those things anymore, so who knows? I do spend more time thinking about things than I ever knew there were things to think about.

  2. When DJ starts talking about something that I have no clue about that is when I feel out of the loop. And the thing is for the longest time, I knew more about him when it came to computers. I guess working in the tech world has that effect on people.

    1. EXBF worked with computers long before I did, but right now, I am way ahead of him because his connection is so slow. He insists on paying for AOL.

  3. I frequently feel like I am losing my touch. Sadly it is true.

    1. EC,
      Win 10 put me back in touch! Maybe you are not losing your touch so much.

  4. I actually keep my first AOL email address, ha ha. I have five email addresses but all the genealogy posts I did (all over the internet) had that AOL address on it - so I didn't want to give it up. And it is free now; paid plans only get you tech support. I've never used tech support since I got the address in 1994. Now, you can just google a problem.

    If you can find a "select all" feature on your mail program, that might do the trick.

    1. Cherdo,
      I have no problem with his keeping his aol address. However, he said he never uses it, just Hotmail. "Select all" would have deleted more than I wanted to delete.

      I don't blame your not wanting to give up that address. I try to use addresses on genealogy sites, and the address is no longer used.

      In 1991 I got an Excite address and then all of Excite disappeared.


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