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Friday, November 20, 2015

I've Got Celery

Sprouts has celery for $.48/head. I purchased 10 heads of celery. Now, can you guess what I will do with it?

Yes, I will dehydrate it all tonight. Usually, I dice celery to dehydrate. This time, I will cut in long pieces to fit in a half pint jar, standing on end inside the jar. I will split the ribs lengthwise, sometimes in four pieces, depending on the size and part of the rib.

The reason for the sizes? I don't want to bit on a piece of celery, even cooked. If the pieces are really small, like no larger than 1/4x1/4 inches, I am fine. That is just too much chopping for tonight.

If I split the ribs and slice them about five inches long, when I add them to soup, I can pick the celery rib out. I know. It's silly. Even if I throw in a half a rib of celery, I avoid that huge piece in my plate or bowl.

I can eat small dices of celery in tuna or chicken salad. I know it's weird how I like and dislike. My hot chicken salad recipe is half chicken and half celery, diced. Somehow, I can eat all that crunchy celery. Maybe it is the abundance of cheese in this dish...I don't know.

Do not eat the leaves since that is where any toxins reside. My mother told me that and it appears it is true. Maybe you can read this for more information. Maybe I am allergic to celery.

The taste that cooked celery imparts to any dish is a memory of my mother's cooking.

Your turn
Do you regularly cook with celery? Do you add the dices to cold salads? Do you have strong feelings, good or bad, about celery?


  1. We eat raw and cook with it a lot. I use in just about every soup base and pasta or veggie salad. We snack on sticks with dip, salad dressing, and peanut butter. Short to say, I love celery. I hear it burns more calories chewing than are actually in it. Dieters myth maybe.

    1. SAM,
      I love it too in most cooked dishes. This won't be good for tuna salad. I think that link addressed that diet idea. It is still good, even if not the idea is not true. How bad can a low calorie veggie be?

  2. I spent some time chopping celery today. I'm trying a new soup. YUM

  3. Sonya Ann,
    I think I shall never want to chop celery again! It is soup weather here.

  4. I love celery in all forms! It is one of my go to snack vegetables


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