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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Snake in the Window!

Gray Rat Snake?

I was very disappointed when I figured out someone was eating her eggs. Of course, I blamed Pepper and had decided to return her to her home in the country if it continued. The snake is in the basement window where it has slid down just a bit on one side.  

Two women and exbf were in the backyard when one of the women said, "There's a snake!" Everyone but me moved away. I whipped out my camera that stays in my pocket and took a picture. I was not satisfied, so I stepped closer and held the camera a foot from the snake. They were all screaming for me to get back. I told them I had a blog and readers who depended on my stepping into the face of danger for the sake of a good story.

I yelled for exbf to come look, even though I could see him moving away. Then, I yelled for him to get me the hoe with tiny head and long handle. Of course, I almost broke the window with the first whack and hit the snake a sissy glancing blow with the second attempt. I hurried down the basement steps just in time to see it dangling and dropping behind things.

It's a Grey Rat Snake, according to my thoughts and those of the County Agent. It is not poisonous. It can bite. Snake bites can be dangerous because of the puncture wound nature of the bite. Infection is a problem. If you have a different thought, please share with me.

Now, for story exbf tells unashamedly.~~~~~
He was watching Raiders of the Lost Ark when the hero fell into snake pit. Exbf screams and perches on the back of the theater seat.

When the women left, I asked exbf if he would have screamed like a little girl if he had been closer to the snake. He laughed and assured me he would. No, he has never had a bad episode with a snake, no close encounter.

Uh Oh! He retrieves things from the basement and puts other things down there, turns on the water hose from there and turns it off. I told him the snake did not WANT to bite him, so don't surprise it, just take a stick and tap the floor and sort of use it side to side like a can that a blind person would.

An hour or so later, I heard strange taps, even and muffled. I was baffled until I remembered him and snakes!  He had gone to the overgrown part of the yard and gotten a stick that looked about 5 feet long, like a hiking stick. He propped it by the porch, so he is planning on using it forever.

I have told him to never pick up anything without poking the object with a stick...just remember a snake could be sleeping anywhere. So, I suppose he will wear the leather gloves I always offer him and probably the I don't blame him.

There is a plan in place. Stay tuned. I respect snakes, but I am not afraid. Did you see the snakes round eyes? It is not poisonous. If I heard a rattler, I would rise up and walk, yes, run.  You do know I can barely rise from a chair and barely walk?

Yes, it can get into the house from the basement.

Your turn
Share a good snake story. If you do, I will share my mother's story. It is a doozy. Have you ever been bitten by a poisonous snake? I do NOT want to get into religion, but did you hear about the Tennessee snake handler who died from a rattlesnake bite just like his Daddy? If the goddess had wanted me to handle snakes, she would have made me in the likeness of Medusa. Just kidding, so you don't have to say a prayer for me. Are you afraid of snakes? I am not. 


  1. "I had a blog and readers who depended on my stepping into the face of danger for the sake of a good story." lol. Don't go hurting yourself now!

    I'm not afraid of snakes, but they do startle me at times. Of course, we have no dangerous snakes around here to be afraid of. Almost every summer we have to relocate a bunch of baby snakes from the basement. I have no idea how their mother gets in, or where she hides, we never see her, just the babies.

  2. I dislike snakes and rodents. It's the fear of suprise that makes me scream at them. I have tried and tried to like them. It's not going to happen.
    any dp puncture would be worth a doctors visit or antibiotics, even non poisonous snake bites. We have rattlers down by the river and we are going fishing today. Lol!

  3. Wendy,
    That is hilarious! Yes, I do have to hurtle headlong into a good story, don't I? Yes, they do startle me. However, coming that close to a dog or ants would be more startling.

    I may shriek or have a visceral reaction over a rodent or snake, but I go after them instead of running. I am NOT going to try to like them.

    For goodness sake, be careful when you go fishing. I hope you catch enough for a good mess for dinner.

  4. Just dropped in to say hello from the UK ! I just joined your blog and can see I have a lot of reading to do !

  5. Rat snakes are a blessing because they eat ... rats, mice, voles, etc ... those are the real vermin. Rat snakes are easy to identify (skinny head and "blah" coloration or the midwestern garter stripe) and non-aggressive as long as they're left alone. A wild one in the house ... mmmm, I don't have advice on that ... maybe it will clean up the basement for you! We have two pet snakes ... corn snakes, which are also rat snakes.

  6. Wean,
    Hi. I am glad you joined. I do write a off here? If you comment on any post in the past, it will show up and I will respond. Just reply to the post you read.

  7. Anon,
    I just won't allow it to stay and keep eating eggs.

  8. UGH! I think I'm going to be ill. I can not stand snakes. I even feel ill when I see them at the zoo behind glass. I would freak out with the thought of it being in my basement or house. I would not be able to go back in. That snake looks evil to me. I don't care if they do serve a purpose, they have always gave me the creeps. Even garter snakes.

    I have been around water moccasins, copperheads, rattlers and such and I have never liked them. We always had to watch for them when we went swimming or berry picking. My grandfather had lots of property and was always bulldozing ponds and clearing land. Seems like they were attracted to the fresh dirt. My dad and grandparents killed them, and always made sure to run over them in the road if you came across one while driving.

    We have lots of rattlers in the rocks by the lakes and you have to be on the look out when out hiking or enjoying the lakes. Takes away from the beauty of the area when you have to watch for these nasty vipers.

    You are so brave. I would be calling animal control in a heart beat for help, after I quit screaming.

    1. Kathy,
      I knew with almost certainty is was not venomous--no rattle, did not look like a copperhead, and since it was not near water or a water source, I did not think it was a cottonmount. I spent my youth never reaching into rocks or piles of anything without sticking a stick in first, prying up whatever I was poking around. Exbf is till afraid.

  9. Nope, not afraid of snakes. I'll steer clear of any venomous ones, though. I've heard rattlers would far rather avoid humans than bite them, and older (more experienced) snakes will 'dry bite' rather than inject venom if they think they can drive you off that way. Cottonmouths are supposed to be quite aggressive, though.

    I wouldn't kill a snake unless I was threatened and couldn't get away. I'd rather encourage them to stick around and eat mice and other pets. Our cats used to hunt smaller snakes, though! I let them sort that out, rather than getting involved.


  10. Sherry,
    Those vipers are scary! This one will be killed! Cottonmouths are one of the most dangerous, for sure!


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