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Friday, June 22, 2012

Cow Appreciation Day

Okay, peeps, it's back. Download your cow costume for Chick-fil-A's free chicken sandwich. Remember me in the cow "costume"? I did not mean for the picture to be on top...old news. But, it refuses to go elsewhere. Okay, now the picture is moved.  Thanks Blogger. No problem. I love working for what I get. Or, don't get from Blogger. The two indents in the beginning just won't go away. 

You don't have to use their black spots, and if you cannot print the head thing, don't worry. Even the sign if handmade would get a free sandwich. Call and ask how much of their downloaded stuff you need.  Ha, Lena does not know she is going to do this with me.

Your turn
Who's in! If you send me a picture of you or anyone in their cow costume for this event, I will put it on my blog.

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