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Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's About Time: Rambling Post

My favorite tool.
I paid ten-cents for it just to use
 to dig around in pots when I transplant things or put dirt into pots.
It looked new when I purchased it.
Exbf has brought it in the house to me several times.

It's about time I returned to some normalcy in my life. Right now, there is a lull in the stress since I know the removal of me from here is not happening soon, thanks to some plans by others, plans that will drag on. Physically and emotionally, I have been a wreck. But, I am trying to plant/germinate  things  I never did this year because I wanted nothing in the ground to leave here. Plus, with potentially no place to lay my head, I could not see why I should even germinate basil. It would be too sad to drag around plants, too pitiful. I will show you what I did next post.

Now, my ac in the wall finally died. After 35 years, it gave up. I have expected this for the last 20 years. Finding money to replace it even with a used or cheap ac is not in the stars. So, my chronic bronchitis is acting up. I may never move I mean--never move around and make myself hot and all coughy. If you smoke around your children, stop. I do believe that living with a chain smoking father left me with this legacy. By the way, even smoke on your clothing can affect your children--it's called third hand smoke.

That means I will just eat all the wrong foods and gain weight. So, there is a goal--keep off what I have lost. Ice cream may be nice and cold, but it is not the solution!

Did I tell you I am starting to write again? I have a book partly in my head and partly on paper/computer? My friend, Fred, has inspired me and encouraged me.

Look for an ebook giveaway on my blog this next week. Anyone in the world can enter!

The last potato plant died, so exbf will dig up the potatoes from my pink box on Wednesday. Now, tomatoes cannot be planted there, right? I do want cayenne peppers and pumpkin. Can those live where potatoes were planted? The herbs will all go into pots.

One day, I will show you a picture of my new old table. I had lots of round tables in the basement for when I held parties in the yard. Everyone had a table and chair--no balancing food on laps. I made long tablecloths, down to the ground! I decided to sell all the tables. I did sell my favorite but don't regret it. One I will not sell because exbf fixed it and I need a work table outdoors. You have seen the others in photos.

After all this rambling, I guess I will stop.

Your turn
Did I babble too much? LOL Has anything ever just robbed you of the will to plant things?


  1. Yes PP - I've been battling this year to try to force myself to plant things - too much stress in my life too.
    Mind you, our terrible weather hasn't allowed me to do much in the garden anyway.
    I don't really know what you are talking about here, but are you being 'forced' to leave your home ? if so I know how you feel.
    I'm working my way through your blog but haven't come to anything like that yet.
    What's your 'ac in the wall' by the way ?
    and also what is 'exbf' ? I'm not very good at these internet abbreviations ! I think it may be 'ex-boyfriend' ?
    take care

    1. Exbf is ex boyfriend. He knows I am limited right now in what I can do. So, he comes up once a week to help me.

      I really meant a window air conditioner unit as opposed to a whole house unit with a heatpump. My home is on the chopping block for condemnation. Someone official who was trying to "help" me through an agency said the city was giving me 30 days to move out after they served me condemnation papers in a few days.

      The city is a little shocked by her telling me that and things are working out.

      Today was the day I decided to start planting/replanting/germinating.

  2. Have you tried posting on freecycle? lots of A/c are posted here HTH

  3. No, I just decided this one was caput and I am going to die. I have to be picky because an ac from a smoking household or one with pets will be worse than none or just as bad. there is nothing worse than a picky There are plenty of used ones for sale.Most of the free or for sale ac units around here are just room sized ones. I will look.

  4. I can't say that anything has ever robbed me of the will to plant things. Even though I didn't plant a vegetable garden this year, I do still have my herb gardens, fruit trees, rose garden, and the rest of my landscaping already established to enjoy. I have put off landscaping projects for now due to not enough time, energy, and I'm just not up for it.

    Even with everything going on this year, I insisted on planting the large container pots around my house and patios. I knew the pop of color would help cheer me and keep me going when I was recovering from my surgeries this year. The flower pots are large, but I can tinker as time and energy allow, deadheading only one or two at a time. These pots are joy to look at while we are relaxing on the patio, or I am doing dishes at the kitchen sink. I firmly believe that beautiful surroundings do more than feed the soul. They are essential for our good health.

    I am so glad that things seem to be looking up for you on your house. If you can't replace the big AC unit, I would at least try to get a room air conditioner so that you can be comfortable. They are easy to use and clean.

    1. I did not have central air. This is a room ac window unit, a 220. It has to cool three rooms, so a little 110 won't work even though both would be window units. Well, it will work as in it will run, but I have been advised against a small unit in a large space. There is no way I can just close off a room.

      You are exactly right about the beauty of surroundings. I have had a very realistic attitude of "what's the point" if I must leave. But, yesterday I got over that. Actually, for a week I have said "tomorrow."

      Fortunately, all spring I had something blooming and smelling wonderful. Still, flowers bloom in the yard. There was only one hanging basket of flowers I wanted. It's done. The rest of what I wanted to germinate or transplant was vegetables.

      I depend on shrubs, trees, and bulbs to supply my flowers. The only exception is Wave Petunias. Those I buy and put in a hanging basket every year. I, too, am missing vegetables, but I am going to fix that right away.

    2. I should have made my comment clearer. I meant to say to put one in only a single room, such as a bedroom or living room where you could spend most of your time in comfort.

      I have all casement windows so a window unit was never possible. I only bought a few room sized ones to keep my cats and dogs comfortable. Now that they have all passed on, I never use the air conditioners. I made screens for all my opening casements, and the house stays really comfortable. Close it up during the heat of the day, open in the evening or early morning. I have really bad allergies and asthma, but it greatly improved once we shut off the air conditioners. I am still around lots of pets, pollens and so on, and haven't used my inhalers for a number of years now. My husband and I both feel that we feel better without the air conditioners on. I use to feel that I couldn't sleep without one, but I am better without it now.

      Isn't there one room that you could make cooler, even by dividing it up with plastic sheeting and quilts? I also just remembered that I have also installed window film on all my windows to protect my furnishings. It cut the internal temp down by 20+ degrees in my hottest rooms (cut the glare too). Its easy to do, and not expensive.

  5. I have a 110 ac in the bedroom that barely keeps it cool enough to sleep. The other three rooms are separate from it, and the cool won't reach. I cannot just stand in the kitchen if I put one in there. The room where I sit, den, does not have a window where ac will fit. AND, the place where ac is located only has a 220. That leaves me in a dilemma of having to have more than ac and electrical work is expensive.

    Night air makes me ill. So, I have to sleep with ac on. I have to have cool air but not hot or humid. So, ac is what the doctor said to have. Plus, I have become violently ill, throwing up and diarrhea if I eat and am in the heat at all since I was in my twenties. If I have to be hot, I just don't eat. I get really ill if I try to cook in the heat.

    I am not just being picky or needing to adjust, as some have suggested. Bottom line, I am suffering from lack of ac.

    The sun sets on this area of the house.

  6. I hope you can find a way to get a good AC. As for the ground where your potato plants died. Don't plant peppers there either.(part of nightshade family I think) Pumpkins/squash are okay, also you could do cucumbers there. Good luck!


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