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Friday, June 8, 2012

Potato Harvest

2.5 lbs
One of several potato plants died. They came up in the compost area. The hens ruined about six plants until I had exbf fence it off. Today, while I slept, he did lots for me. He ate part of these for his dinner.


He laughed and called some of the potatoes "peataters." Now, since neither of us have ever called a potato a "tater," I was confused. He said they were potatoes the size of a pea. Oh, my feverish brain got it. He wanted me to take this picture to show how tiny they were. He said he had never seen a potato that size. We found one in the basket even smaller than the one pictured.

I am not sure why some potato plants died and others did not. One plant has a top that is about 18" high. Per my instructions, he bent it and buried it with more of the dirt from the other side of the box. Actually, it is not dirt; it's leaves and pine straw that covered them in the compost receptacle. .

So, I slept through potato harvest. I called the gynecologist and got meds for bladder infection and yeast infection, so you can imagine how horrid I feel. I have never just gone to bed when exbf has come here and gone to sleep for hours! He knew I was really feeling ill, so he carried on. Yes, he made a peanut butter sandwich when he needed it! For lunch we had had the rest of Tuesday's Mexican dish. He declared it "okay" and finished off another helping.

Since we spent 1.5 hours in Walmart getting two prescriptions, I did not have time or energy to cook. Walmart only got/filled one prescription, so I had to call the doctor's office again and wait all over. Plus, a drawer had to be counted down because I did not get the extra for which I wrote the check.....grrr.

Dinner was bagged salad with additions: red and green bell peppers, green onion tops, lots of shredded carrots, shredded cheese, and the only meat thawed--bacon. Plus, he had a small bowl of new potatoes.  I looked in the refrigerator and butter did not present itself, so I told him to eat them without butter. I just did not feel like bending over. He said the potatoes were so delicious that they needed nothing for seasoning. AND, he peeled the tiniest of the potatoes. He peeled all of them because he does not like new potato peelings. Ack! That is the best part!

This is the first time since I met him that he did not take dinner home for the next day. Usually, he gets even more than that. He understood.

Now, I have to feed the hens and lock them up. We saw no raccoon today and no snake. At least I got one egg!  So, maybe the snake left along with the raccoon. Keep your fingers crossed! Because we spent so long in Walmart, we did not get the snake trap built.

Your turn
Are you getting volunteer potatoes in your yard? Volunteer anything? Do you peel new potatoes? Does anyone peel new potatoes? How did your garden grow today?


  1. I hope you're feeling better soon! I do have a few volunteer potatoes up already, from last year's patch. The volunteers never get harvested, because I forget where they were, lol. No, we don't peel new potatoes either.

  2. It sounds like you had a perfectly awful, miserable day. I hope the meds are starting to do their thing and you're feeling better.
    If I find volunteer potatoes early enough in the spring, I dig them up and move them to the potato patch. Otherwise, I forget where they are. I've only peeled new potatoes a couple of times. I use a kitchen scrubby made out of an onion bag to do that, It kind of rubs the skins off.

  3. Sorry your not feeling well. Hope your better soon. I feel that a good sleep can do as much as a prescription sometimes.

    I don't peel new potatoes usually, but sometimes I will cut out decorative strips with the peeler. Something different. Looks nice when I dress them, rather than solid skin.

    I didn't plant a garden this year. My work schedule, travel (also work related), caring for my husband, my husbands travel work schedule, my repeated hospital stays and surgeries this year have been more than enough to keep me busy. I also found out a couple of weeks ago that my mother in law is very ill. I have been taking her to all her appointments, and will most likely be doing most of her surgery appointments, and possibly most of her radiation or chemo appointments as well. Thank goodness I have access to a lot of farms and farmers markets close by. It's the next best thing to a garden of my own.

  4. You're not well. I hoe by now your meds are working. We don't peel new potatoes. You got a nice harvest though.

  5. That should of read, " sorry that you are not well." my iPad is a pain in the behind sometimes and I forget to edit!

  6. Lindam,
    I got only hope to get maybe 4 times that from the surviving plant.

    It sounds as though you don't have even a spare moment for a garden! My anticipated hospital stays are why not much is planted here.

    That awful, miserable day is still going Meds are not taking effect yet. I have been sleeping lots. At least I am not getting worse. It is almost 3pm and I just got up from a five-hour nap. Now, I am going right back to bed.

    So, no one really peels new potatoes. Some of those were the size of a marble. I refuse to peel those beforehand, so maybe I will peel larger ones after they are cooked OR just wash off the peel with scrubbie or dishcloth.

    I am wanting gravy, so maybe I am on the mend. LOL


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