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Monday, June 25, 2012

New Cat Home: Molly-->Arabella-->Molly

Molly is trying to come to me to investigate the camera

I wanted a cat when I saw the cutie kitten. But, I decided for myriad reasons that I could not keep her. My friend, Tony, took her immediately when I asked him. I named her Molly, but my daughter had a good reason to beg me to change the name, and I did so on the spot. So, Molly became Arabella. Tony heard the name story. I asked about her one day and went to see her. He said he could not find a good name for her, so he renamed her Molly. 

She is still trying to get away from him.

Molly often comes to my house, although I did not know who she was. She stalks the hens. However, she has done this so many times that I think it is more an "awe" at their size that probably keeps her from attacking.

Molly has a friend at Tony's house, Sofia. She was not around for the picture-taking.  Both are indoor/outdoor cats.

This was the first kitten/cat I ever gave away. I usually keep any animal I bring home. She has a good life. I was not physically or financially able to care for her, so it was best for both of us.

Your turn
Doesn't she look healthy and happy? Have you ever had to give up an animal because of your own circumstances, knowing the animal would be better off elsewhere?

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  1. Toni has a very nice house. His clothes match! Lol!
    No, I don't take in animals unless I am sure I can keep them. I would foster an animal temporarily but I think you did the right thing...find a good home asap.


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