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Friday, June 29, 2012

101 Degrees Yesterday

Cooling off the right way
Thursday, yesterday, saw 101 degrees in my town. Hens certainly love watermelon on a hot day. Untfortunately, I could not afford a watermelon. Someone had eaten just a bit from this half and it was available as I scavenged for hen food. Louise's comb stays floppy, like she is dehydrated. She really needs a bath since she has such a dirty head! Pepper is still too afraid of me to stay near to get her picture taken.

Your turn
How hot is it where you are? Do your hens love watermelon?


  1. It was 28 here yesterday that is about 82 - high enough for us and me... Cooler today down to about 20 much more like English summer

  2. 101, that is warm! I envy your chooks, I love Watermelon and it's best on a hot day.


  3. Furtheron,
    It is supposed to be over or slightly under 100 for the next week. I am loving it.

    Very warm, but I love it this hot. I think I will indulge in a watermelon today! The hens will be able to have my leftovers.

  4. Well, it's supposed to be hot in Alabama :-) Way up here in N IL it was 100 yesterday. My chickies love melon, too, but have to beat my dog to it. He will literally scrape his teeth across it to get all the juicy part out.

  5. Patti,
    It rarely gets this hot! I finally started sweating when I got out dragging a hose around to try and cool off the hens' pen.

    Cats love watermelon, too. I hear possums will eat them from the field. Good eating all around!


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