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Monday, June 4, 2012

Locked in McDonald's

My wifi connection went away some time during the night. I never got around to calling ATT because of doctor appointment and other phone calls I had to make. So, I will have to catch up on all your blogs.

I came to McD because I did not want to sit cramped in my car at the library. They just locked the door but did not ask me to leave. When I asked them if they wanted me to leave, they said, no, that I could just sit here.

Lena spent from 7-9 tonight cleaning my front and back seat. She got a 30 gallon bag of trash, took home some nice puzzles, and I carried a little red wagon full of thing back indoors.  We did go get an Arby sandwich on the way to the car vacuum. She found $1.87 in the floor today, so I got us both a 50 cent canned Coke from the cheap machine in town.

They tell me my time is up here. Bye!


  1. I'd rather be at McDonalds than Starbucks any day!

  2. Mark,
    I am back! We don't have a Starbucks! Why didn't I know McD closed so early? I have been in Starbucks once, to get something free with a coupon, and I was in Huntsville then. What is wrong with being in Starbucks?


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