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Monday, June 4, 2012

Questions For My Savvy Readers + Me in a Cow "Costume"

I bought this bowling ball, washed it, and intended to use it in the yard with a piece of pipe or rebar to sit as a display amongst flowers. See how it shines?  However, it is very dulled now. Do you have any experience with dull bowling balls? My pretty blue, marbled bowling ball may never see another alley, but  won't put it outdoors. I am thinking car wax might work. What say you?

What is this?

It is black, not silver. The circle is about 10" in diameter. It is sitting on four legs in the picture above. 

In the picture above, you can see the little legs. It is much blacker than it appears, once again. Which way does it go? I don't even know where I got this!

Do I look like a cow?

Don't get snarky! I mean a cow in the field, like the one on the Chic-Fil-A ads? I wore a black pair of pants and black tshirt and scotch-taped white pieces of stretchy fabric to both, only on the front. The cow hat was furnished by CFA. Can you see the scotch tape? Why did I do this? To get a free chicken sandwich.

I asked my friend to take a picture with my camera (not my house! NOT my taste.), the only way I can ever get a picture of myself! She said she would never dress like this in a million years, even to get free food. Her grandchildren 93 and 4) thought it was marvelous. I have a small fan base of small fans.

Beforehand, I called and she said people wore brown pants and black tees, white pants and brown tees. Other people wore short and tank tops. Some had spots. She said, "We are not picky."

This event will take place sometime this summer. Check it out. Whole families were having their sandwiches. Some mothers had painted acrylic paint spots on children's clothing for the event. One woman had a tightly fitting white tshirt on with black acrylic paint spots. Her little teeny shorts had acrylic paint spots, also.

I was reminded of this on Saturday when Lena had cards for a free sandwich. I got my free sandwich and the carrot/raisin/pineapple salad. She got sandwich and fries. My hens got my bun.

Your turn
Would you dress like this for a free chicken sandwich?   How about the shine of a bowling ball. Do you know what the black, metal object can be?


  1. I would dress my kids up as cows but I wouldn't do it.

    The metal object looks like a warmer. You put a little pot of fuel in the round part in the middle and light in on fire to put under a dish of hot food or a fondue pot.

  2. The thing appears to be what you say, the same thing Lena said. But, I think it would be unsteady. Maybe not. I think it might work as a camp stove, but not for fondue or on a table with a dish of hot food. The area for the food to sit is only about 5" across and sort of slippery.

  3. It could be a fondue, but because of the delicate structure, I think it was for chips, veggies and dip. I remember having one similar when I was much younger and it had a glass or pottery special divided dish to sit and be secured in between the three metal pieces sticking out and the dip was sitting at the top sort of floating over the (to one side, not in the center) chips and veggies with its own metal hanger. That piece seems to be missing from your photo. I currently have a similar one now, but my base is flat and it sits flat against the table, not lifted up, but the rest of it is the same.

  4. Kathy,
    When my friend cleaned out my trunk, I gave her four leaf-shaped bowls and a round one. !!! Ding ding came to me as I looked at the wire part today. You are exactly right. I told her to bring it back and I would show her how it fit.

  5. Maybe polyurethane for the ball? I wouldn't dress like a cow for a sandwich I think unless I was pretty hungry. I think Kathy has that metal thing right. It seems too delicate for anything fire based.

    1. I love Chic-Fil-A and it was a fun.

  6. I would dress like a cow and so would my hubby and 3 kids, in a heartbeat, for a free sandwich! I'd moo, too! As for the black thingy, my first thought, it's a stand of course. A stand for a bowling ball, most certainly. And I believe it's meant to be a yard ornament.

  7. Lili,
    You are a woman after my own heart. Of course, I would moo! I needed a stand for my bowling ball yard ornament! Thanks for commenting.

  8. I would definitely do that for free food :)


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