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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Saturday Miscellany

startling blood drop--a good laugh

love it

My friend, Lena, is vacuuming the trunk of my car. She is having yard sales to get rid of the remains of her items in her mother's now-closed consignment shop. I told Lena she could have anything in my trunk that I did not want if she would take all out for me. She carried away three boxes and there is about a third of the garbage can filled with trash. I kept very little. There are two sealed boxes now of things I did want.

She was happy with her haul and frustrated I did not want her to tackle the back seat of my car. I told her I was exhausted and needed a nap. She said in shock, "How can you be tired? You didn't do anything except sit in a chair." I laughed and agreed.  She does not understand yet that sitting hurts and I keep telling her I have fibromyalgia!  "Why don't we just get it done?" I did take a one-hour nap.

Another day, we will finish.


This is the cleanest my trunk has been since I bought the car in 2000! I wish I had taken a picture when the trunk would barely close! After we/she got all the items out, the trunk was full of leaves! I have to park under trees, so they drift in. Now, the trunk houses two ratty blankets. If I need a tire change, a guy might appreciate something between him and mud. The blankets can cushion items. Plus, they are old and worthless but will be good for furniture pads when I must move. My dumpster diving tools reside here, also. There is a bottom to a humidifier that hold all the fluids I need. Plus, I have a bag of rags for use in anything thing nasty under the hood. Basically, the trunk is empty!

Today, I feel good about the items, trash, and filth/leaves/trunk spill that is gone from my life.  There were items I had taken to a garage sale, items that needed to be boxed, items from the sale last Saturday--breadmaker and something else. A sense of accomplishment is the boost I needed right now.

She has OCD and is particular about where she pees. So, we went to the Catholic Church were she attends. No, she did not want to come inside and test my bathroom!
Very pretty
She loves the windows

We went to the cry room, just inside the vestibule. But, we both wanted to step inside here to look at the beauty.

Your turn
What exciting thing did you do this weekend?


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  1. You have a great sense of humour in your writing


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