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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hanger Land

clean, wet hangers

Actually, these are some of my extra hangers, not all by any means. As you can see, some are the plastic hangers from Walmart, bought for a special purpose. No, I am not getting rid of any of these. They now live in a box. This day, I took them outside for a washing and a bit of sunshine.

Why do I have so many hangers?
When I did craft shows, often I was in a mall. One day, lots of hangers were piled in a store that was being remodeled. I bought about three or four times this many for $20, I think. I relegated wire hangers to the basement to be used for other things.

Why did I buy so many?

Short answer--because they were there. However, I knew I would use these forever because of the industrial quality and heft. I made many patterns for items I sold. Plus, I drafted patterns for people and kept the pattern. All patterns were hung on hangers in a closet. Some of the more often used patterns were transferred to huge pieces of cardstock-weight material from a cutting room of a local factory.  Later, I found out many professionals use hangers for their patterns. Most of the hangers on the line are pant hangers.

In the beginning and over the years, the rubber on some of the skirt hangers has lost its grip. The hanger spring is tight enough, just won't hold onto heavier items. It is something about the gripping surface. So, a few have left here.

A few of the tired-grippy ones have been disassembled when I need a clip or hook for something.
Since I have one short clothes line, I have actually hung  towels on  hangers and then hooked them to the line to dry.I can hang so many towels on the line this way. Sometimes, I dry panties one to a hanger, also. It saves using the dryer. Besides, if it looks like it will rain and does, it is easier to get hangers off the line than to take off clothespins. Oh, on a windy day, I use one or two clothespins to attach the hook of the hanger to the line.

The blouse hangers have the notch that keeps straps on. Some of the plastic store-bought ones don't. Inside the house, I have even used blouse hangers for drying panties--slip the top of the panty or the leg over the notch for straps. Two pair dry on one hanger.  It works.

At the same mall, I bought two round display racks. One has been my "closet" for over 30 years. So, these hangers never seemed in the way. They just lived on the rack with clothes on them or bare. No, I don't hoard hangers. I just keep these hangers and donate or give away the odd hanger that comes here from a store. I even tried to foist some off on exbf lately. He was not biting. Several years ago, he took quite a few and brought me the metal hangers for my projects. No more. He needs no more. So, I am left with abundance.

So, an I hoarding hangers? (I can hear all the clucking at me and my hangers.)Not really, many of my clothes are stacked now when I want to hang them. So, when I have even one closet, more of these will be full. Besides, I will still use them for patterns. And, I will break a few as the months go by. The back of the kitchen door has some sort of over the door hanger with five rods. Some of my pant hangers hold my reusable cloth and mesh bags. For a yard sale, I hang items from the hangers for display purposes. That way, things aren't in a jumble. Some things are just plain out of reach of children.

Your turn
Have you ever found store displays or hangers or other items dirt cheap or free when a store closes or remodels?  One day, a rack headed to the dumpster continued, even though I asked for it. The person pushing the rack said, "I don't care if you have it, but I was told to take it to the dumpster. And, that is what I am going to do. If you want to take it from the dumpster, I don't care. But, it goes to the dumpster!" So, she put it by the dumpster, and I pushed it to my station wagon!  Yeah, I know you have stories! 


  1. I wish I'd come across some megadeal on quality hangers since we are also in the craft show garment vending field. But we haven't. Our shows are mostly street and park fairs though rather than at a shop or mall. They do have bundles of 15-20 regular plastic hangers for $.70 at the thrift shop or four pant hangers for $1.00. So that's what we do.

  2. Beth,
    I forgot you use hangers lots. I don't think I have ever seen hangers for sale at thrift stores, since they use them for clothing. Well, they do sell wooden hangers.


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