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Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Am Writing a Book and House Update

My book
About 15 years ago, I started writing short stories. Okay, I wrote two and got great feedback. However, I never followed through with the resolve to write a book, including the two short stories as chapters. I was working, going to school, dealing with fibromyalgia and a million other things. Mostly, I am shy, not a good trait for a writer. Since I have met Fred, my friend who published a book last year, he has encouraged me to write more. I forgot the second book I promised to write. My sociology professor said I should write a book about my marriage, dissolution of the marriage, and the horrendous aftermath for myself and my children. I will do that, too. Not now.

Thursday night, I allowed Fred to read my best short story or the one of which I am the proudest. He was smiling such a big smile as he read. He said it was very good or something like that. His  enthusiasm was the best commentary. He was so thrilled with my main character, a teen. In an email he stated--"You have great potential by just the little I read at dinner."

Saturday night, after my fever broke, I did the impossible--I wrote 1500 words. I write short chapters because each chapter is a short story right now. As I go along, I plan to weave them into a narrative. Actually, each chapter is a whole story, standing alone.  Maybe I can be the next Eudora Welty and just write short stories?  If I can continue to write four days each week and complete 1500 words each of those four days, I will have 60,000 words in ten weeks. Fred said 60,000 was the minimum his publishing house will take for a book. That will be a completed novel in less than three months. Fred says getting a publisher to buy the book and doing all the edits will take longer.

The chapters are usually complete on first writing. I rarely go back for additions, but I can. I am not saying they are perfect, just edited and ready to be read. No doubt, I will make many additions and maybe combine chapters.

My house
Despite what some commenters here have implied about my lack of appropriate action, I have achieved a measure of success by my tenacity and by contacting others. Since I have whined so much, I thought I would give you the good news, too. Things are not as dire as they were. I cannot reveal more since things are still not certain. But, my anxiety has gone down a notch. I am not safe yet, nor solvent, so the financial struggle remains. As I was getting the phone turned back on this past week, the guy came to cut off my utilities! I can only divert so much money outward before I start losing needed services! I have not been crying wolf! Since plans are in flux, all could fail! But, that is not in my plans for me.

Your turn
Is anyone writing a book? Short stories? Are you published anywhere for anything? Now is the time to toot your own horn.


  1. Hi PP, I am writing a 'how to ' book at the moment, I don't know whch way to go with it however, self publish, clickbank, Kindle or transfer to a CD and sell from a website. I have heard though that selling online i.e. ebook, leaves it wide open for the book to be 'stolen' and distributed for free ! I'm looking into that now.
    I'm glad you hear you're feeling a little less stressed about your home.
    take care ........

    1. WeaA "how to" bood make my imagination stir.
      "How to" what? No, just me being curious; don't give away to idea!

      Yes, I wonder about stolen ematerial. I am not sure about a publisher, either.

  2. Oh gosh, I laughed at the guy coming to cut off your utilities because I'm so much in the same position. I just got the electric paid and now the water people are at the door.

    I'm too lazy to write a book but admire those who can stick with it. It's hard work. Hang in there!

    1. RJ,
      When the phone was off except for the line to pay it, no internet, no nothing, I wanted to cry when the guy showed up, giving me one last chance. I think he felt sorry for me and the condition of my house. He could have just cut the electricity off without further notice.

      Thanks, I will try to stick with this writing.

  3. Linda, such great news even if unresolved still. At least its going in a good direction. I will keep you in my thoughts with my fingers and toes crossed on top of that. And I am thrilled that you will be writing! I hope you will share this journey here with us as it develops. YOu take care of yourself.

    1. LindaM,
      Thanks. Don't get cramps in your fingers and, as this may take a while. Writing so much while lying is difficult. I will keep you all informed.

  4. I'm so glad to hear you can breathe a little easier regarding the house even if the utilities guy is breathing down your neck!

    I'm really excited that I may 'know' a published author. Good luck with your writing.

  5. Sue,
    Thanks!Now I have to write and publish since I have told so many people.

    Another utility deadline passed this week with an extension. So, I have until Friday to come up with $177--electricity, water, sewer, sanitation and it includes recycling truck, limb truck, leaf truck, and big stuff on the curb truck. Little of that is electricy. I use half of minimum of water.

    I may add another page to sell things on the blog, sell cheaply and for mailing. I suppose we can sell on our blogs?

    1. I have a relative who sells some sort of cream/lotion/potion something of that sort. She also writes a blog. She sells her creams and stuff on her blog. I don't know what blogspot's policies are for that, but I would think it would be a go. Good luck with the book and with the possibilty of selling items. Could you keep us updated on the selling issue, as that's something I'd be interested in too, but don't have time right now to look into it.

  6. No... but I'm working on my second album release of my songs... all written totally by me, everything played on the album is by me, all recording by me... Watch my blog for the official launch soon...

  7. That's great! That is such a talent. I don't have even a smidgen of singing or musical ability! If I don't see the launch date, drop me an email and I will post it on here. I was puzzled about one person doing it all until a friend showed me his machine that put it all together.


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